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All-New Topps Sterling is Stunning

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Topps takes the high-end baseball card category to new levels with a tribute to 21 of the greatest baseball careers... in the all-new Topps Sterling Baseball.

Topps invites collectors to come discover what it believes to be some of the most gorgeous trading cards ever produced. From Relic cards featuring 3-6 swatches to parallels made of suede and wood to cards featuring sterling foil and even matted in aluminum, Topps Sterling Baseball is the highest grade of trading card ever produced.

Each 5-card player specific pack (a cheery wood box) features the likes of Mickey Mantle, Josh Gibson, Ted Williams, Roberto Clemente, Barry Bonds, Cal Ripken Jr. and more.

For example, if you uncover the Mickey Mantle pack, you will find either a Mantle Autographed Relic card or Relic card featuring three or more swatches and sequentially numbered to 10 or less. You will also find three super-premium sequentially numbered Mickey Mantle base cards paying homage to his storied career. And finally, a mystery card will unveil a sequentially numbered parallel (1 of the 21 players) or a Cut Signature. 1 in 5 mystery cards will be a Cut Signature.

Every 10-player pack case guarantees 1 Mickey Mantle pack, 1 Barry Bonds pack, 4 Autographed Relics #d to 10 or less (featuring 3 or more swatches) and 2 cut signatures (1 being a hall of fame baseball cut).

Topps Sterling carries a $250 SRP for each 5-card pack and hits store shelves October 11th.

Source: The Topps Company, Inc.
Date: July 21, 2006

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