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Sport Card Auctions Opens Offering a Way for Sports Card Collectors as Well as Dealers to Participate in Online Auctions

Online sports card auctions are too expensive. Thatís what the founder of, Greg Hansen, has believed for years. Many true collectors are driven from the market by the costs associated with the big online auctions. Hansenís solution was to launch a new online auction site dedicated solely to sports cards in April 2005.

"When online auctions first started, they were free. I would list hundreds of cards that I didnít collect so that I could buy more of the cards that I wanted for my collection," Hansen states. "I could always find a buyer; everything sold - even though I may have to re-list it several times," he adds. When online auctions started charging listing fees, he found that it wasnít economically feasible to list items that he wasnít sure he could sell. "I quit using online auctions as a way to make money to buy more cards. It really caused my collecting to suffer."

Thatís when Hansen got the idea for his site. Hansen remembers that the idea came to him one day when he was working in a lumber mill. "If I could build a site that didnít have the listing fees, the true collectors could re-enter the market. It would also be a good alternative for dealers to not only sell items that there wasnít a local market for, but they could buy cards that were popular in their region for re-sale."

Hansen teamed up with the domain administrator from his ISP, Elijah Ethun, and started to build the site. "Iíve been very pleased with what Elijah has done with the site," says Hansen. "He has a lot of good ideas and an eye for detail." plans to make the site even better. "Weíre adding content that interests collectors. The hobby is fun and has a wonderful history. We want people to come back to the site not only for auctions, but for the information that the site provides." They also plan to give users the opportunity to win some of the hottest cards on the market starting with a PSA-10 1986 Fleer Update Barry Bonds card. They plan to start the contest in June 2005 and run it through the World Series in October. Football, Basketball and Hockey will follow.

Based in Post Falls, ID, Sport Card Auctions is designed to provide an alternative to the expensive online auctions. The goal is to provide collectors and dealers with an online auction where they can list as many cards as theyíd like without having to pay listing fees. For more information, visit

Source: Sports Card Auctions
Date: May 19, 2005

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