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PSA Set Registry Records 10,000 Sets

It has been a great three years. PSA launched the PSA Set RegistrySM in June, 2001 with just 56 sets. On June 22, 2004, the 10,000th set was registered! The Registry has grown every month with new sets and members. Today there are 2,297 different set composites and 2,032 members participating in the program.

The PSA Set RegistrySM has forever changed the face of the card market. It has given collectors the desire to focus on specific areas and sets. It has developed a world-wide community of collectors who can now easily communicate with each other through email and message boards. It provides collectors with the opportunity to "display" their sets in a safe environment. Pride of ownership, friendly competition, and inventory management are just some of the benefits. But by far, the most important element that the PSA Set RegistrySM has brought to the marketplace is the fact that it has made card collecting FUN again.

One factor that has contributed to the PSA Set RegistrySM's success is the enthusiasm of all who participate in the program. With very little advertising in the beginning, the Registry virtually marketed itself by word of mouth. In three very short months, the number of sets had doubled. Today, this enthusiasm remains one of PSA's driving factors to make the Registry the best it can possibly be.

As a way of saying thank you, when the 10,000th set was registered a random drawing of all current members was held. Congratulations to Bill Roberts, the owner of Tagbr's 1965 Dodgers - 1965 Topps Los Angeles Dodgers, Tagbr's Colavito cards - Rocky Colavito Master Set, Tagbr's Basic Colavito set - Rocky Colavito Basic Set, 59 Champs - 1959 Topps Los Angeles Dodgers, and 63 Champs - 1963 Topps Los Angeles Dodgers. Bill was awarded with 50 free grades!

For more information on the PSA Set RegistrySM program, email: or click here.

Source: Collectors Universe, Inc.
Date: June 23, 2004

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