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2004 MLB Flippbooks Line Up Announced

Jeter / Rodriguez Rookie Flipp Sports, Inc. announces the release of their 2004 MLB starting line up. Many major retailers will be carrying this first release of sports action Flippbooks. Some of the newest books include Nomar Garciaparra hitting his Easter day Home Run, Trot Nixon's walk off home run against the A's in the playoffs. Also, check out the Derek Jeter / Alex Rodriguez combo rookie book! Other All-Stars include Sammy Sosa, Barry Bonds, and Ichiro! Check out many of your favorite MLB players.

Garciaparra / Nixon
Wood / Alou
Derek Jeter
Thome / Rollins
Pujols / Anderson
Barry Bonds
Albert Pujols
Chipper Jones
Ramirez / Ortiz
Prior / Maddux
Sammy Sosa
Matsui / Rivera
Schilling / Martinez
Ordonez / Thomas
Alex Rodriguez
Matsui / Reyes
Miguel Tejada
Foulke / Varitek
Pettitte / Clemens
Ivan Rodriguez
Posada / Giambi
American League All-Stars
National League All-Stars
Nolan Ryan
Gagne / LoDuca
Alfonso Soriano
Jeter / Rodriguez

Look for the next release of books in early May. This will include Curt Schilling throwing his first strikeout as a Red Sox pitcher, as well as Alex Rodriguez's first home run as a NY Yankee. Can't find a book in your area, email us at and let us help you find a retailer.

Source: Flipp Sports, Inc.
Date: April 1, 2004

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