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Most viewed - redwing40's Gallery
4 viewsJohncito
4 viewsJohncito
4 viewsJohncito
4 viewsJohncito
AI 96-97 Topps RC4 viewsAI 96-97 Topps RCChanz0102
4 viewsthertz
Artifacts 0607 Tundra Tandems Dual Jersey Black 1 of 14 views1 of 1cujofan2000
Deck 14 - Street Maf4 views1+1= ? I come up wit 2 but folks keep tellin me it = 3. And 6+4? I keep gittin 10 but word out ona street say it's 11. I see why dey-on teach street maf at school; it's too confusin.HoodWeekly
Deck 15 - Dirty4 viewsBully: a scared punk who tryda look big by standin beside and punchin on somebidy half his size. A bully be scared to look up cause he know he gone git hit ina face.HoodWeekly
Deck 16 - Answers4 viewsEva meet somebidy wit alla answers cep da right ones? Who kin hook up er'bidy cept dere own self? Dat would be my man, Wolf--always outsmartin his daggone self.HoodWeekly
Deck 20 - Baby Trail4 viewsWhy da babysitta ain gittin paid? Cause da mama don't know where da baby at. Den howda baby git to da babysitta?HoodWeekly
Deck 6 - Haya Tricks4 viewsDa ultrasound said 1 baby-1 heartbeat. So why I still feel some kickin? Tricked from birth! Das prolly why da twins been gittin a kick outta trickin folks allese years.HoodWeekly

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