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Home > Member Galleries > tmburton22

Trade List

Baseball Parallels:

2006 Topps Chrome: Red Refractor: Mark Prior #/90

2006 Topps Chrome: Black Refractor: David Wright #/599

2006 Topps Chrome: Black Refractor: Tadahito Iguchi #/599

2006 Topps Chrome: Black Refractor: Nick Johnson #/599

2006 Topps Chrome: Refractor: Noah Lowry

2006 Topps Chrome: Refractor: Brad Wilkerson

2006 Topps Chrome: Refractor: Jayson Werth

2006 Topps Chrome: Refractor: Orlando Hudson Gold Glove Award

2006 Topps Chrome: Refractor: Jeremy Reed

Baseball Rookie Parallels:

2006 Topps Chrome: Refractor: Ben Johnson

Baseball Misc:

2001 Pinnacle Mint Collection: Gold Coin: Ken Griffey Jr.

Hockey Autos:

2005-2006 SP Authentic: Chirography: Manny Legace #/50

Hockey Rookies:

2005-2006 Parkhurst: Alexander Ovechkin

Hockey Parallels:

2002-2003 Parkhurst Silver #/50 Mario Lemieux

Basketball Autos:

1995-1996 Score Board Auto Othella Harrington

Basketball Game Used:

2001-2002 Upper Deck: Legendary Jerseys: Scottie Pippen

2001-2002 Upper Deck: Legendary Jerseys: Kevin Garnett

2002-2003 SP Game Used: Allen Iverson Jersey

2003-2004 Upper Deck Sweet Shot: Allen Iverson jersey

2003-2004 UD Glass: Game Gear Jersey :Allen Iverson

2003-2004 UD Glass: Superlative Swatches: Gilbert Arenas

2003-2004 UD Glass: Superlative Swatches: Dirk Nowitski

2003-2004 SP Game Used: Allen Iverson Jersey

2004-2005 SPA: Authentic Fabrics Nened Krstic

2005-2006 Topps Luxury Box: The Machine Al Jefferson #1/25

2005-2006 Topps Luxury Box: Wizards 4 jersey Relic (BOR-28), #/25

2005-2006 Topps Luxury Box: Raptors 2 Jersey Relic (TCR-BV) #/193

2005-2006 Topps Luxury Box: Pistons 5 Jersey Relic (TDR-9) #/193

2005-2006 Topps Finest: Finest Fact Tracy McGrady #707/2080

2005-2006 Upper Deck: Hardcourt Materials: Gilbert Arenas

2006-2007 Bowman Elevation: Power Brokers Dual Relics: Elton Brand #2/49

2006-2007 Bowman Elevation: Power Brokers Dual Relics: Kevin Garnett #46/99

2006-2007 Bowman Elevation: Board of Directors Relic: Manu Ginobli #53/79

2006-2007 Bowman Elevation: Board of Directors Relic: Gilbert Arenas #74/99

2006-2007 Hardcourt: Hardcourt Materials: Kevin Garnett

2006-2007 Hardcourt: Hardcourt Materials: Luke Walton

2006-2007 Reflections: Dual Fabric Reflections: Peja/ Dunleavy #/100

Basketball Parallels:

1995-1996 Bowman痴 Best: Atomic Refractor: Shaquille O誰eal

2002-2003 Topps Chrome: White Refractor #/249

2005-2006 Topps Finest: Refractor: Tracy McGrady #22/349

2005-2006 Topps Finest: Refractor: Kirk Hinrick #300/349

2005-2006 Topps Finest: Red Refractor: Chauncey Billups #136/169

2005-2006 Topps Finest: Green Refractor: Antawn Jamison #85/89

2005-2006 Topps Finest X-Fractor: Brad Miller #169/229

2005-2006 Topps Finest: Red X-Fractor: Kenyon Martin #36/139

2005-2006 Topps Finest: Green X-Fractor: Andrei Kirilenko #11/69

2006-2007 Bowman Elevation: Blue: Shane Battier #337/399

2006-2007 Bowman Elevation: Blue: Paul Pierce #351/399

2006-2007 Bowman Elevation: Blue: Sam Cassell #91/399

2006-2007 Bowman Elevation: Red: Charlie Villanueva #278/299

2006-2007 Bowman Elevation: Red: Antawn Jamison #22/299

2006-2007 Bowman Elevation: Gold: TJ Ford #61/99

2006-2007 UD Hardcourt: Danny Fortson #/199

2006-2007 Reflections: Copper: Chris Kaman #/99

2006-2007 Reflections: Gold: TJ Ford #/299

2006-2007 Reflections: Gold: Ron Artest #/299

2006-2007 Reflections: Gold: Bobby Jackson #/299

Basketball Inserts:

1992-1993 Upper Deck: All NBA Team

1993-1994 Fleer Ultra: All-NBA First Team

1993-1994 Fleer Ultra: Famous Nicknames

1993-1994 Upper Deck: Triple Double

1997-1998 Skybox: Z-Force 23k Gold

1998-1999 Upper Deck: Michael Jordan Record Collection (RC30)

2000-2001 SP Authentic: Premiere Powers

2002-2003 Upper Deck Finite: Major Force #/500

2003-2004 Upper Deck Glass: Auto Focus Promo

2005-2006 Topps Finest Refractor #/349

Basketball Rookies:

1992-1993 Fleer Ultra #328 Shaquille O誰eal

1992-1993 Topps Stadium Club #247 Shaquille O誰eal

1996-1997 Fleer Ultra RC (Graded PSG Gem Mint 10)

1996-1997 Upper Deck SP RC

1996-1997 Upper Deck RC

2003-2004 Upper Deck Naxcom Exclusive RC

2003-2004 Bazooka Mini #223 RC

2003-2004 Upper Deck Victory Rookie Orientation RC

2003-2004 Topps Matrix Bosh/ Anthony/ James RC

2005-2006 Topps Finest: Luther Head #190/599

2006-2007 Bowman Elevation: Thabo Sefolosha #499/999

2006-2007 Bowman Elevation: LaMarcus Aldridge #119/999

2006-2007 Bowman Elevation: Paul Davis #637/999

2006-2007 UD Hardcourt: Dee Brown #/1750

2006-2007 UD Hardcourt: Shawne Williams #/1750

2006-2007 UD Hardcourt: Paul Davis #/1750

2006-2007 UD Hardcourt: Will Blalock #/1750

2006-2007 UD Hardcourt: Denham Brown #/1750

2006-2007 UD Hardcourt: Paul Milsap #/1750

2006-2007 Reflections: Kyle Lowry #/299

2006-2007 Reflections: Joel Freeland #/299

2006-2007 Reflections: Renaldo Balkman #/299

2006-2007 Reflections: Leon Powe #/399

Basketball Rookie Parallels:

1992-1993 Topps: Gold Shaquille O誰eal

1994-1995 Upper Deck SP Jason Kidd Premiere Prospects Die Cut

2005-2006 Topps Finest: X-Fractor Carmen Electra #112/199

2005-2006 Topps Finest: X-Fractor Draft Pick #24 Redemption

2005-2006 Topps Finest: Refractor Draft Pick #13 Redemption

2005-2006 Topps Finest: Refractor Draft Pick #19 Redemption

2006-2007 Bowman Elevation: Blue Denham Brown #54/399

2006-2007 Bowman Elevation: Red: Denham Brown #95/299

2006-2007 Bowman Elevation: Red: Marcus Williams #51/299

2006-2007 UD Hardcourt: Silver: Maurice Ager #/50

Basketball Rookie Inserts:

1993-1994 Skybox: All Rookie Team Shaquille O誰eal

1993-1994 Fleer Ultra: Famous Nicknames: Shaq

2005-2006 Topps Finest: Finest Fact: Chris Paul #357/1899

2005-2006 Topps Finest: Finest Fact: Sean May #1679/1899

2005-2006 Topps Finest: Finest Fact Refractor Sarunas Jasikevicius #94/199

Basketball Base:

2001-2002 Upper Deck Inspirations

2003-2004 Upper Deck Black Diamond: Larry Bird

2003-2004 Upper Deck Standing 徹

2004-2005 Skybox LE: Dwayne Wade #/150

2005-2006 Topps Finest: Dwayne Wade Box Topper (DW7)

2006-2007 UD Hardcourt: Dwayne Wade

Football Autos:

2004 SPX: Luke McCown jersey/ auto RC #/1499

2004 Donruss Classics: Significant Signatures James Lofton

2004 Upper Deck Finite HG: Signatures: Antwaan Randle El

2005 Bowman Chrome: Kay Jay Harris RC Auto

2005 Bowman Chrome: Brandon Jones RC Auto

2006 UD Sweet Spot: Sweet Spot Signatures: Nat Moore

2006 UD Sweet Spot: Sweet Spot Signatures: DJ Shockley

2006 Donruss Threads: Greg Lee RC #306/999

2006 Sage Hit: Blue Auto痴: Bruce Gradkowski

2006 Absolute Memorabilia: DJ Shockley RC Auto #213/349

2006 Leaf Certified Materials: Alan Zemantis RC Auto #57/250

2006 Topps Finest: Cory Rodgers Finest Autographs

2006 Fleer Hot Prospects: Endorsements Auto痴: Andre Hall

2006 SPX RC Auto: Greg Lee

2006 Bowman: Signs of the Future: Gold Jeff Webb #/50

2006 Bowman: Signs of the Future: Todd Watkins

2006 UD Legends: Ron Mix

2006 UD Legends: John Cappeletti

2006 Bowman Sterling: Tavaris Jackson RC Jersey/ Auto

2006 Bowman Sterling: Domenik Hixon RC Auto

2006 Hot Prospects: Jason Avant RC Auto #/999

2006 Topps Chrome: Jason Avant RC Auto

2006 Topp DP&P: Class Marks Jason Avant Auto

2006 Topps Heritage: Heritage in the Cards Joe Klopfenstein Auto

Football Game Used:

2000 Pacific Paramount: Game Used Football: Peyton Manning

2001 Leaf Certified Materials: Fabrics of the Game: Joe Montana #/63

2001 SPX: Winning Materials: Tiki Barber #/750

2001 Pacific Private Stock: Authentic Game Won Jersey Drew Brees

2001 Pacific Invincible: Curtis Martin Game Worn, #249/250

2001 Upper Deck Two of a Kind Dual g/u ball w/ Brett Favre & Robert Ferguson

2002 Fleer Maximum: Numbers: Dressed to Thrill #/250 g/u Brett Favre

2002 Pacific Exclusive: Game Worn Jersey: Peyton Manning

2002 Leaf Rookies & Stars: Freshman Orientation: Joey Harrington Jersey #565/610

2002 Leaf Rookies & Stars: Freshman Orientation: David Carr Jersey #620/650

2002 Leaf Rookies & Stars: Freshman Orientation: Daniel Graham Jersey #93/650

2002 Upper Deck: Glory Bound Javon Walker Jersey (GBJ-JW)

2002 Topps: Super Tix Marshall Faulk

2003 Upper Deck Pro痴 and Prospects: Game Day Jersey: Peyton Manning #/75

2003 Upper Deck Pro痴 and Prospects: Game Day Dual Jersey: Michael Vick/ Lee Suggs #/350

2003 Donruss Elite: Back to the Future Culpepper/ Moon #4/100

2003 Upper Deck Honor Roll: Dean痴 List Curtis Martin, #68/200

2003 Playoff Hogg Heaven: Silver Hogg of Fame Marshall Faulk #/75

2003 Skybox L.E.: Rare Form: Michael Vick #/50

2004 Fleer Showcase: Playmakers: Michael Vick #/21

2004 Absolute Memorabilia: Boss Hoggs: Michael Vick dual #/125

2004 Fleer Traditions: Gridiron Tributes: Michael Vick

2004 Leaf Certified Materials: Gold Team: Jerry Rice #/75

2004 Fleer E-X: Clearly Authentics: Eli Manning Dual (3-color patch) #/50

2004 Absolute Memorabilia: Leather & Laces Terrell Owens, #111/250

2004 SPx: Winning Materials Faulk/ Holt dual jersey

2004 Fleer Inscribed: Names of the Game Terrell Owens #97/225

2004 Fleer Platinum: Platinum Portraits Marshall Faulk

2004 Fleer Ultra: Ultra Performers g/u jersey Tom Brady

2005 Threads: Generations: Steve Young/ Michael Vick dual #/50

2005 Reflections: Fabrics: Steve McNair

2005 Absolute Memorabilia: Canton Absolutes Steve McNair Jersey #28/150

2005 Bowman痴 Best: Vincent Jackson #145/599

2005 Sweet Spot Sweet Swatches Caddy Williams

2005 Upper Deck: Rookie Futures Dual: Moats/ Morency

2005 Topps Turkey Red: Black Border Jersey #/99 Tom Brady

2005 Upper Deck Sports Center Swatches g/u patch Brett Favre

2005 Absolute Memorabilia Team Tandems Dual g/u jersey w/ Brett Favre & Javon Walker #/150

2006 Topps Turkey Red: Black Border AJ Hawk #/99

2006 Topps Tukey Red: Red Border Michael Clayton #/399

2006 Topps Turkey red: Grey Border Aquan Boldin

2006 Topps Tukey Red: Grey Border AJ Hawk

2006 Donruss Elite: Throwback Threads Curtis Martin #203/249

2006 Donruss Elite: Zoning Commission: Eli Manning #/399

2006 Fleer Ultra: Ultra Achievements Steve McNair (UA-SM)

2006 Fleer Ultra: Ultra Award Winners: Carnell Williams (UAA-CW)

2006 Topps Total: Rookie Jersey Collection Vernon Davis

2006 Donruss Classic: Sunday痴 Best Clinton Portis, #168/250

2006 Donruss Classic: Monday Night Heroes Edgerrin James #139/250

2006 Absolute Memorabilia: Rookie Jerseys Collection Kellen Clemens

2006 Upper Deck Rookie Debut: Future Star Materials Chad Jackson

2006 Upper Deck: Rookie Futures: DeAngelo Williams

2006 Gridiron Gear: Player Timeline: Laveranues Coles dual jersey (3-color FSU) & (1 color with stitches Jets) #/50

2006 Gridiron Gear: Player Timeline: Ahman Green g/u #/200

2006 Gridiron Gear: Playbook: Shaun Alexander #/250

2006 Gridiron Gear: Ben Roethlisberger (#80)

2006 SPX: Swatch Supremacy: Randy Moss

2006 SPX: Swatch Supremacy: Steven Jackson

2006 Bowman: Draft Day Selection D達rickashaw Ferguson

2006 Bowman: Rookie Rewind: Tavaris Jackson

2006 Leaf Rookie & Stars: Longevity: TJ Houshmandzadeh #/250

2006 Flair Showcase: Showcase Stitches: DeAngelo Williams

2006 Thread: Century Collection Yale Leary #/250

2006 Absolute: Absolute Heroes #/150 Tom Brady

2006 Upper Deck: UD Game Jersey g/u jersey Tom Brady

2006 Bowman Sterling Tavaris Jackson g/u

2006 Bowman Sterling Brandon Marshall g/u

2006 Bowman Sterling Osi Umenyiora g/u Refractor

2006 Bowman Sterling Dwight Freeney g/u

Football Parallels:

1997 Bowman痴 Best Atomic Refractor Brett Favre

1997 Bowman's Best: Atomic Refractor Jerry Rice

1999 Topps Finest: Gold Refractor Steve McNair #44/100

2000 Upper Deck: UD Exclusives Gold: Neil O奪onnell #/25

2000 Playoff Prestige: Red Spectrum Randy Moss #23/100

2001 Playoff Honors: Chicago Sun Times Collection Terrell Owens #3/5

2003 UD Pros and Prospects: Gold Michael Vick/ Lee Suggs (#183), #/50

2004 Leaf Limited Bronze Spotlight #/100 Brett Favre

2005 Bowman Chrome: Red Refractor: Ahman Green

2005 Bowman Chrome: Red Refractor: Rex Grossman

2005 Bowman Chrome: Red Refractor: Chad Pennington

2005 Bowman Chrome: Red Refractor: Shaun Alexander

2005 Leaf Limited: Bronze Spotlight Peyton Manning #/100

2005 Topps Finest: Blue X-Fractor Shaun Alexander

2005 Topps DP&P: Black Refractor: Michael Jenkins

2005 Leaf Limited: Bronze Spotlight: Paul Warfield #/100

2005 Topps All-American: Chrome #/555

2006 Leaf Limited: Bronze Spotlight: Lance Alworth #/50

2006 Leaf Limited: Silver Spotlight: Javon Walker #/25

2006 Donruss Elite: Aspirations Joey Galloway (93), #3/82

2006 Donruss Elite: Status Randy Moss #13/18

2006 Donruss Threads: Gridiron Kings Kevin Jones #9/10

2006 Donruss Threads: Les Horvath #6/100

2006 Donruss Threads: Base Chris Simms #19/25

2006 Donruss Threads: Ashley Lelie #6/50

2006 Score Select: Artist Proof: Andre Johnson #12/32

2006 Score Select: Gold: Marc Bulger #35/50

2006 Score Select: Gold Lee Evans #18/50

2006 Score Select: Scorecard: James Thrash #3/100

2006 Score Select: Scorecard: Brandon Moore #61/100

2006 Score Select: Scorecard: Philip Rivers #/100

2006 Score Select: Scorecard: Wes Walker #90/100

2006 Score: Antonio Gates Artist Proof #7/32

2006 Topps DP&P: Silver Refractor Big Ben #/299

2006 Topps DP&P: Silver Parallel Eli Manning #/199

2006 Topps Chrome: Red Uncirculated Refractor #/259 Michael Vick

2006 Topps Chrome: Black Refractor: Donnie Edwards #16/199

2006 Absolute Memorabilia: Spectrum: Javon Walker #60/100

2006 Absolute Memorabilia: Spectrum: Dennis Northcutt #24/25

2006 Topps Finest: Gold Refractor Joe Horn #6/49

2006 Topps Finest: Green X-Fractor David Carr #38/50

2006 Topps Finest: Black Refractor Santana Moss #72/99

2006 Topps Finest: Green Refractor Drew Brees# 147/199

2006 Topps Finest: Green Refractor Randy McMichael #107/199

2006 Topps Finest: X-Fractor Derrick Mason#172/250

2006 Topps Finest: X-Fractor Ronnie Brown #/250

2006 Topps Finest: Blue Refractor Chester Taylor #155/299

2006 Gridiron Gear: Cory Dillon #/250

2006 Hot Prospects: Red Hot: Byron Leftwich #/50

2006 Hot Prospects: Red Hot: Donald Driver #/50

2006 Hot Prospects: Red Hot: Michael Vick #/50

2006 Leaf Rookie & Stars: Black Longevity: Steve Smith #/25

2006 Topps: Black: Willis McGahee #/51

2006 Flair Showcase: Sideline Pass: Marc Bulger #/75

2006 Leaf Certified Materials: Mirror Blue #/50 LaDainian Tomlinson

2006 Topps Chrome: Red Refractor #/25

2006 Absolute: Tools of the Trade: Blue Earl Campbell #/25

Football Rookies:

1979 Topps: James Lofton

1986 Topps: Jerry Rice (Excellent Condition)

1996 Upper Deck SP: Terrell Owens

1998 UD3: Peyton Manning Future Shock Die Cit (FS1) #/2000

1998 Fleer Ultra #416: Peyton Manning

1999 Topps Finest: Daunte Culpepper

1999 Playoff Absolute SSD: Daunte Culpepper

2000 Upper Deck Victory RC

2000 Skybox Impact RC

2000 Pacific Aurora RC

2000 Skybox Dominion RC

2001 Fleer Premium: Michael Vick #/2001

2001 Pacific Dynagon Retail: Michael Vick

2002 Fleer Ultra: Javon Walker

2002 Bowman Chrome: Clinton Portis

2003 Fleer Mystique: Larry Johnson #/699

2003 Topps DP&P: Andre Johnson

2003 Topps DP&P: Willis McGahee

2003 Upper Deck Byron Leftwich

2003 Topps Pristine: Carson Palmer (#77) #/499

2004 Upper Deck Rookie Premiere: Eli Manning

2004 Topps Total Big Ben

2004 Fleer Ultra: Lee Evans

2004 SPX: Sean Jones #/1650

2004 Topps Chrome: Tatum Bell

2005 Playoff Prestige Carnell Williams

2005 Upper Deck Ronnie Brown

2005 Bowman Chrome: Adam 撤ac Man Jones

2005 Bowman Chrome: Jason Cambell

2005 Elite: Ciatrick Faison #/499

2005 Elite: Dante Ridgeway #/499

2006 Topps Turkey Red: Matt Leinart RC

2006 Topps Turkey Red: Matt Leinart SP RC

2006 Topps Turkey Red: Reggie Bush RC

2006 Topps Turkey Red: DeAngelo Williams RC

2006 Topps Turkey Red: Vince Young SP RC

2006 Topps Heritage: Base RC: Matt Leinart

2006 Topps Heritage: Base RC: Reggie Bush

2006 Topps Heritage: Base RC: DeAngelo Williams

2006 Topps Heritage: Base RC: Joseph Addai

2006 Topps Heritage: Black Back RC: Matt Leinart

2006 Donruss Threads: Anthony Smith

2006 Donruss Threads: Manny Lawson

2006 Donruss Threads: David Anderson

2006 Topps Chrome: Base RC: DeAngelo Williams

2006 Topps Chrome: Base RC: Jerious Norwood

2006 Topps Chrome: Base RC: Greg Jennings

2006 Topps Chrome: Base RC: Vernon Davis

2006 Topps Chrome: SE RC: Vince Young

2006 Upper Deck: Limited: Vince Young

2006 Upper Deck: Limited: Lawrence Maroney

2006 Donruss Classics: DeAngelo Williams #/599

2006 Donruss Classics: Vernon Davis #/599

2006 Absolute Memorabilia: RPM: LenDale White #/849

2006 Donruss Elite: Greg Jennings #/599

2006 RC Lot痴:
(all player lots are for trade as a lot and not individual cards, NO DUPES)
***Simply ask for your players list***
Products Broke:
Sage Hit, Sage AU, Aspire, Press Pass, Press Pass SE, Prestige, Elite, Classics, Threads, Absolute Memorabilia, LCM, Gridiron Gear, Ultra, Fleer, Upper Deck, Upper Deck Legends, Upper Deck Rookie Premiere, Upper Deck Rookie Debut, Flair Showcase, Hot Prospects, SPX, Topps Chrome, Topps Finest, Topps DP&P, Bowman, Heritage, Turkey Red, Topps

Football Rookie Parallels:

1993 Topps Gold Jerome Bettis #604

1994 Score Gold Zone Marshall Faulk RC

1995 Score Red Siege Steve McNair RC

2003 Ultra: Gold Medallion: Terrell Suggs

2003 Topps DP&P: Chrome: Byron Leftwich

2003 Topps DP&P: Chrome Larry Johnson

2004 Ultra L13 Gold Medallion Big Ben

2005 Bowman Chrome: Red Refractor: Jason Campbell

2005 Ultra L13 Gold Medallion Ronnie Brown

2005 Topps Finest: Black Refractor Ciatrick Faison #24/99

2005 Throwback Threads: Rasheed Marshall #/99

2006 Topps Turkey Red: Red Border: AJ Hawk

2006 Topps Heritage: Chrome: Matt Leinart

2006 Topps Heritage: Chrome: Joseph Addai

2006 Bowman: Gold: AJ Hawk

2006 Bowman: Gold: Vince Young

2006 Bowman: Gold: DeAngelo Williams

Football Rookie Inserts:

1993 Fleer: Prospects Drew Bledsoe

1993 Classic ProLine Live: Jerome Bettis Limited Print 1 of 40,000

2003 Sage Hit: The Write Stuff: Larry Johnson

2003 Press Pass: Showbound: Larry Johnson

2004 Topps Chrome: Premiere Prospects: Eli Manning

2005 Throwback Threads: Throwback Collection: Caddy/ Arrington/ Brown

2006 Topps Chrome: 8306: Reggie Bush

2006 Topps Chrome: 8306: Vince Young

2006 Topps Chrome: 8306: Matt Leinart

Football Inserts:

1994 Action Packed 24k Gold Signature Brett Favre

1995 Upper Deck SP: Holoview John Elway

1995 Upper Deck: Pro Bowl Hologram John Elway

1995 Fleer Ultra Rising Star Brett Favre

1995 Skybox Premium Leather Card Brett Favre

1996 Upper Deck: Record Season: Career NFL TD Passes (RS3) Dan Marino

1995 Upper Deck SP: Holoview Dan Marino

1996 Fleer Metal: Platinum Portraits Barry Sanders

1996 Pacific Crown Royale: Blue Barry Sanders

1996 Pinnacle Footsteps Favre/ McNair

1996 Skybox Premium Favre MVP

1997 Pinnacle Mint Collection Commemorative Collection Brett Favre

1998 Topps Chrome: Measures of Greatness Refractor John Elway

1999 Upper Deck Encore: Constant Threat John Elway

1998 Bowman Chrome Promo Brett Favre

1998 Flair Showcase Feature Film Brett Favre

1998 Press Pass: Triple Threats: Peyton Manning (Graded BGS 8.5)

1999 Upper Deck Highlight Zone Brett Favre

1999 Donruss Elite Primary Colors #/1875 Brett Favre

1999 Donruss Elite Field of Vision #/1820 Brett Favre

1999 Bowman: Early Risers: Peyton Manning

1999 Bowman's Best: Franchise Best: Peyton Manning

1999 Topps Finest: Team Finest: Peyton Manning #/1500

2000 Topps: Capture the Action Gameview Antonio Freeman #88/100

2004 Leaf Rookies and Stars Green Crusade #/750 Brett Favre

2005 Topps Finest: Blue Refractor: Lee Evans

2006 Absolute Memorabilia: Canton Absolutes: Spectrum Corey Dillon #61/100

2006 Absolute Memorabilia: Team Tandems: Broncos, #45/100

2006 Hot Prospects: Retrospective: Isaac Bruce #/250

2006 Hot Prospects: Retrospective: Drew Bledsoe #/250

2006 Hot Prospects: Retrospective: Jeremy Shockey #/250

2006 Hot Prospects: Retrospective: Rod Smith #/250

2006 Hot Prospects: Retrospective: DeShaun Foster #/250

2006 Hot Prospects: Retrospective: Steven Jackson #/250

2006 Topps Finest Black Refractor Brett Favre Insert #/99

2006 Topps Finest Blue X-Fractor Brett Favre Insert #/150

Football Base:

1976 Topps: Dan Fouts

2004 Leaf Limited: Joe Montana #/799

2004 Upper Deck Sweet Spot (#20) #/2499

2003 Upper Deck: Sunday Stars #194

2006 Football Box Breaks:
Trading all base/ inserts/ parallels/ SP痴/ RC痴lmk what you need.


Heritage-1 Box
Turkey Red-1 Box
Topps-1 Box of Jumbo's
Bowman-2 Boxes
Finest-2 Boxes
Chrome-3 Boxes

Donruss/ Playoff/ Leaf:

Elite-3.5 Boxes
Classics-3 Boxes
Threads-3 Boxes
Absolute-2 Boxes
LCM-3 Boxes
Gear-1 Box
R&S-1 Box
Prestige-2 Box
Score-1 Box
Select-1 Box
Leaf Limited-2 boxes/ packs


Ultra-2 Boxes
Fleer-1 Box
UD-3 Boxes
Hot Prospects-6 Boxes
SPX-3 Boxes
Showcase-1 Box
Legends-1 Box

Football Misc:

1984 Topps Football complete set (missing card #301)

2006 Hot Prospects Football complete base set (1-100)

2006 Sage Hit complete base set

2006 Topps Turkey Red: B-18 Leinart Blanket

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