I am looking for a couple higher end piece's of trade bait...preferably HOF'er g/u, patches or auto's for the whole lot. I will also sell the whole lot for $50 DLVD.

-01 Topps Archive Lenny Moore Stadium Seat-$15 BV
-02 Classics Past & Present Marcus Allen /400-$15BV
-02 Classics Classic Materials Marcus Allen /300-$20 BV
-04 LCM Julius Peppers /150-$8 BV
-05 LCM FOTG Roger Craig /100-$10 BV
-05 Heritage Jim Brown Stadium Seat-$20 BV
-06 Gridiron Gear Tony Dorsett Player Timeline-$15 BV
-06 Elite Unitas/ Manning Throwback Threads /249-$40 BV
-07 Threads Bernard Berian Prime /25-$12 BV
-07 LCM Shaun Alexander /100-$?10? BV
-07 LCM Jake Delhomme /125-$?10? BV
-07 Absolute Robert Meachum Rookie Jersey Collection-$15 BV

Total BV = $190

PM me if interested.