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Recently, the TCC Collector Zone became the largest, non-corporate trading card forum. Amazingly, this has happened in just over 31 months! ohmy.gif

In fact, here's the actual data for the 2 largest, non-corporate trading card forums:

Formed: April 2005
Members: 15,865

Formed: January 2003
Members: 12,612

As you can see, SCF was formed about 26 months before the TCC Collector Zone - further underscoring the amazing growth that TCC has seen in such a relatively short period of time! To understand this growth even more, please click here to view real-time graphs of the history of our total members, total posts and total completed transactions.


Thanks to each and every one of you that have chosen to join the Collector Zone! Each of you help to make TCC an amazing site!

Thanks also to the men and women who volunteer their time to help as members of the TCC Team!

While this is certainly a major milestone, it's really just the beginning! So, we'll take a brief moment to enjoy this milestone, but then we're going to jump right back in and continue to do what we can to make the leading site for trading card collectors! wink.gif

We also fully understand that being a large, active community of collectors is just part of becoming the leading resource for trading card collectors. It's also very important to meet as many of the needs of collectors as possible and in the best ways possible. So, 31 months later, I can assure you that our commitment continues to be to do everything we can to make TCC the leading resource for trading card collectors - not just the largest. wink.gif

Bob, this is simply awesome! Thank YOU for setting all this up!! thumbsup.gif
congrats to you guys on a great site! clapping.gif
Congrats - I must say it makes me proud to be a member of such a great site.

Over two years ago I had never traded a sports card in my life. I stumbled upon this and have seen the amazing growth.

Onward, always forward TCC!!
That's cool, let's continue to make it not only the biggest but keep it as the Best!!! smile.gif
soon bob will have to quit his job and be on TCC full time laugh.gif
Amazing progress for TCC! I'm glad to be a member here.

Now, onward 1,000,000 posts, 20,000 trades, and 20,000 members!
Ok Brief moment of frivolity..


Wait for it ...


congrats Bob!
2000 rushing yards
alright! we're #1, we're #1 clapping.gif

becuase of TCC my collection has expanded so much more thanks bob and everyone smile.gif
Hey bob... Way to go!
Well done, everyone!
Collect Hard!,
While congratulations directed my way are certainly appreciated, they really should be directed to the entire community! Without all of you, I would just be a crazy, 30ish-man talking to himself on an Internet forum! laugh.gif

Very cool. Thanks to everyone who participates by entering contests, posting their opinions, and swapping cardboard.

Here's to continued success!
Wow, that is amazing! smile.gif
Wait, Bob, how would people change that tongue.gif

Congratulations to all at TCC for making this amaaaazing!
QUOTE(trot2millah @ Nov 1 2007, 11:27 PM)
Wait, Bob, how would people change that tongue.gif


Just call me... wacko.gif ... and put me on ... jerry.gif

congratulations bob and the entire TCC community!!
This is a great accomplishment for each and every one of us who made it happen. I'm honored to be part of it with so many other great people...should we send off a request to Guiness? laugh.gif
QUOTE(gopackgo @ Nov 2 2007, 07:45 AM)
...should we send off a request to Guiness?  laugh.gif

Make it happen! wink.gif

Congrats Bob for all your hard work in making TCC the best trading card site on the internet. To kinda quote the Nature Boy...

To be the Best, you have to beat the best and baby, we are the best! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

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