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Full Version: Milestone: 10,000 Completed Transactions!
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I wanted to take a moment to mention this...

The TCC Collector Zone reached another major milestone on 10/31/07 when we reached 10,000 completed transactions!

1329 members have been part of our 10,005 completed transactions, completing those transactions in an average duration of 12.7 days.

Here's some additional data about those transactions:

Completed Transactions by Type
Type Transactions Percentage
Sales 1943 19.42%
Trades 8062 80.58%

Completed Transactions by Duration
Duration (Days) Transactions Percentage
0 - 14 7653 76.49%
15 - 29 1777 17.76%
30 - 59 441 4.41%
60+ 134 1.34%

Thanks to each and every one of you that have chosen to join the Collector Zone! Each of you help to make TCC an amazing site!

Thanks also to the men and women who volunteer their time to help as members of the TCC Team!

While this is certainly a major milestone, it's really just the beginning! So, we'll take a brief moment to enjoy this milestone, but then we're going to jump right back in and continue to do what we can to make the leading site for trading card collectors! wink.gif

yay TCC clapping.gif
Congrats TCC!

And thanks a lot to all the great traders out there.

Can the members who completed transaction #10,000 be publically identified? Will they get some sort of recognition or a freebie?

How about the stereotypical commemorative T-shirt that reads "
I completed the 10,000 trade transaction on TCC and all I got was this lousy T-Shirt."
smile.gif thumbsup.gif
QUOTE(captkirk42 @ Nov 1 2007, 04:35 PM)
Can the members who completed transaction #10,000 be publically identified?

Click here for the 10,000th completed transaction.

QUOTE(bob_TCC @ Nov 1 2007, 02:37 PM)
Click here for the 10,000th completed transaction.


I can't think of a better member than Brian to be involved in the 10,000 trade!

Brian epitomizes online trading. Nice job Brian!
Congrats to TCC for reaching 10,000 and congrats Brian on getting that 10,000th!
2000 rushing yards
what better way to celebrate 10,000 transaction than the transaction leader himself! toot.gif
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