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Full Version: Some sweetness in the mail today!
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Well, first, theres a lil story to this. I had gotten a redemption from my cuz since it was a Dontrelle - Scott Olsen Dual Auto, and he didn't want to wait on it. So I did the online thing and waited. And waited for about 3 months when I read on Beckett that UD went to a max of 45 days for a redeem, at least they were going to try it. So I called them and asked what was going on. They asked for me to wait 7 more business days, is wasn't sent yet, to call back. Well of course no card, called and complained. I mean, they play on same team, and when I originally did the redeem, it was spring training. So when I called, they asked me my favorite players, teams and sports, so I told them D-train, Heat, D Wade. Well about a month later, I got these in the mail, and I can honestly say I am much happier with what was sent instead of the original no-send. I have included the redemption also, along with a D-train Epic Moments Black Print Plate 1/1, and Marquis Daniels Pro Sigs REAL Auto, SWEET!

So, while its not a true NPN, it is a no purchase necessary for me. LOL, of course my cuz wants something in return, but we'll see.

LMK what u think.

user posted image
the pic dont work
ya sorry tried to resize it but forgot to change the link. this should work.

user posted image
thats a cool replacement for a dual auto u get an auto for an auto thena 1/1 plate for an auto
ya, not too bad, can't complain for free. But I still have never gotten a NPN yet in the past year and half, I've sent in about 200, with an average of 5 per card set that I like, and nothing. I know its kind of a crap shoot, but jeez.
Glad you liked the replacements! smile.gif
very nice cards, not to bad at all
Very nice cards.
I dunno.. Id rather have the dual auto.

after all.. UD gave away 3 complete sets of printing plates to the first 3 people who submitted those base sets of epic to UD! some kind of strange contest they ran!
I live here in South Florida and actualy have gotten both of their autos along with Miggy, Hanley, Uggla and Josh Johnson on a jersey this past spring, so was happy with this instead. I don't think olsen will amount to much and I can only hope D-train gets back on track, but he's my favorite anyways, so gonna stick with him
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