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Full Version: Updated Trade Bait
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I have the following cards for trade. As always, Scans can be seen in my Bucket. I also have MUCH MORE on my web site, so please check it out. My want list is in my sig or I will look at Buckets/Trade Lists. Thanks

Kolby Smith 2007 Select (Autographs/Gold Zone) #384 (7/40)
Maurice Jones-Drew 2006 Topps Paradigm (Career Highs Triple Jersey Autograph) #TPCHR-MJD
Larry Johnson 2006 Topps Paradigm (Career Highs Triple Jersey Autograph) #TPCHTD-LJ
Larry Johnson 2005 Sweet Spot Auto (INCOMING)
Larry Johnson 2005 Reflections Auto (INCOMING)
Frank Gore 2005 Upper Deck Foundations #212
Cris Carter 2004 Greats of the Game (Gold Border Autographs) #CC
Tim Brown 1999 Score Supplemental (Inscriptions) #TB81
Chad Johnson 2006 Leaf Limited (Material Monikers Jersey Number) #6 (Auto/Jersey)
L.C. Greenwood 2007 SPx (Super Scripts Autographs) #SSLG
Ozzie Newsome 2001 Donruss Classics (Significant Signatures) #161
Joe Horn 2001 Finest (Autographs) #FAJH
Joe Hamilton 2000 Bowman (Autographs) #JH

Adrian Peterson 2007 Bowman Sterling Jersey/Refractor/RC (INCOMING)
Maurice Jones-Drew 2006 Leaf Limited (Player Threads/Prime) #10 (Jersey & 3-Color Patch)
Brett Favre 2007 Bowman Sterling (Refractor) #BF (Jersey) (93/199)
Marvin Harrison 2004 Reflections (Offensive Threads) #OTMH (Jersey)
Marvin Harrison 2005 Reflections (Fabrics) #FRMH (Jersey)
Marvin Harrison 2002 Upper Deck Ovation (Tried and True Jerseys) #TTMH (Jersey)
Carlos Rogers 2007 Artifacts (Photo Shoot Flashback Fabrics) #CR (Dual Jersey)
Daunte Culpepper 1999 Upper Deck (Game Jersey) #DC (Rookie Jersey)
Drew Bledsoe 2000 Paramount (Game-Used Footballs) #8 (Ball)
Mario Williams 2006 Leaf Certified Materials (Fabrics of the ame College) #19 (Jersey)
Brian Urlacher 2004 Reflections (Pro Cuts Jerseys Gold) #PCBU (Jersey)
Brian Urlacher 2004 Playoff Prestige (Stars of the NFL Jerseys) #NFL4 (Jersey)
Brian Urlacher 2004 Donruss Elite (Elite Series Jerseys Bronze) #ES5 (Jersey)
Brian Urlacher 2003 Fleer Tradition (Classic Combinations) #CCBU (Jersey) (not mint)
Jimmy Smith 2005 Zenith (Z-Jersey/Prime) #41 (4-Color Patch)
Jimmy Smith 2005 Playoff Prestige (Gridiron Heritage) #GH22 (3-Color Patch)
Torrance Marshall 2001 Topps Debut #134 (Jersey/RC)
Sage Rosenfels 2001 Bowman (Rookie Relics) #BJSR (Jersey)

Calvin Johnson 2007 Topps Chrome (Refractor) #TC200 Rookie
Adrian Peterson 2007 Artifacts #152 (short print) Rookie

Manny Ramirez 2007 Topps Triple Threads (Relics Autographs) #11 (Auto/Triple Jersey) (16/18)
Miguel Tejada 2004 SPx (SuperScripts Stars) #SU-TE
Roy Oswalt 2006 Bowman Originals (Buyback Autographs) #706
Brad Wilkerson 2001 Bowman (Autographs) #BA-BW
Ed Yarnall 2000 Ultra (Fresh Ink) #60
Tommy John 1988 Fleer #211 (In Person Auto)

Barry Bonds 2001 SPx (Winning Materials Bat-Jersey) #BB2 (Bat/Jersey)
Mike Piazza 2005 Prime Patches (Past & Present Jersey Combo) #20 (Jersey/Shoe/Jersey/Pants)
Roger Clemens 2006 Upper Deck Epic Materials (Dark Orange) #RC1 (Jersey with Stripe)
Mike Schmidt 2006 Upper Deck Epic Materials (Dark Orange) #MS3 (Jersey with Stripe)
Sammy Sosa 2005 Donruss Elite (Back to Back Combos) #25 (Jersey with Stripe/Bat)
Vladimir Guerrero 2007 Upper Deck Premier (Patches Dual) #VG (3-Color Dual Patch)
Vladimir Guerrero 2004 SPx (Winning Materials Dual Jersey/Spectrum) #WM-VG (Dual Jersey)
Vladimir Guerrero 2003 Playoff Piece of the Game (Player Collection) #35 (Jersey with Stripe)
Vladimir Guerrero 2001 Fleer Platinum (Lumberjacks) #13 (Bat)
Albert Pujols 2002 Topps reserve (Uniform Relics) #TRJAP (Jersey)
Albert Pujols 2003 Playoff Piece of the Game (Silver) #POG4 (Jersey)
Albert Pujols 2004 Flair (Power Tools) #PTAP (Bat)
Albert Pujols 2004 Fleer Sweet Sigs (Sweet Stitches/Red) #STAP (Jersey)
Albert Pujols 2004 Leaf (Picture Perfect) #PP1 (Bat)
Albert Pujols 2004 Playoff Honors (Piece of the Game) #PG1 (Bat)
Rickey Henderson 2005 Donruss Elite (Career Best Bats) #23 (Bat)
Jeff Bagwell 2005 Donruss Elite (passing the Torch Jersey) #17 (Jersey with Stripe)
Carlos Hernandez 2001 Bowman (Future Game relics) #FGRCH (Jersey)
Garry Sheffield 2001 Fleer Platinum (Lumberjacks) #25 (Bat)
Jim Edmonds 2002 E-X (Behind the Numbers Game Jersey) #5 (Jersey)
Bobby Abreu 2002 Fleer Box Score (Press Clippings Game-Used) #1 (Jersey)
Robin Ventura 2002 SPx (SuperStars Swatches/Silver) #156 (Jersey)
Davey Lopes 2001 Upper Deck Prospect Premieres (Heroes of Baseball Game Bat) #B-DL (Bat)
Edgar Renteria 2001 Private Stock (Game Gear) #146 (Bat) (not mint)
Steve Garvey 2001 Upper Deck Vintage (Timless Teams) #LA-SG (Bat)
Ozzie Smith 2001 Upper Deck Legends (Legendary Game Jerseys) #J-OS (Jersey)
Mike Piazza/Roger Clemens 2004 Fleer Genuine Insider (Classic Confrontations Dual Swatch) #MPRC (Dual Jersey and Piazza has Stripe)

Lance Berkman 1997 Bowman Chrome #298 Rookie (PSA 9)
Pat Burrell 1999 Bowman Chrome #175 Rookie (PSA 9)
Ryan Howard 2001 Upper Deck Prospect Premieres #62 Rookie
Albert Pujols 2003 Bowman Chrome (Refractor) #24
Albert Pujols 2003 Finest (Refractor) #95
Albert Pujols 2004 Topps Heritage (Refractor) #THC10
Albert Pujols 2005 Bowman Chrome (Refractor) #105
Albert Pujols 2006 Topps Heritage (Refractor) #107
Alfonso Soriano 1999 Boman Chrome #350 Rookie (PSA 9)
Miguel Tejada 1997 Bowman Chrome #273 Rookie (PSA 9)
Ricky Henderson Topps #482 Rookie (off centered)

Kerry Kittles 96-97 SkyBox Premium (Autographics/Blue Ink) #37

Kobe Bryant/Kevin Garnett 01-02 Upper Deck (Game Jersey Combos) #KB-KG (Dual Jersey)
Michael Jordan 2000 Uper Deck Century Legends (MJ Final Floor Jumbos) #FF8 (Floor)
Kevin Garnett 00-01 SPx (Winning Materials) #KG3 (Jersey/Shorts)
Amare Stoudemire 05-06 Upper Deck (All-Star Weekend Authentics) #AS (Jersey)

Shareef Abdur-Rahim 96-97 Ultra (Platinum Medallion) #P264
Kobe Bryant 96-97 E-X2000 #30 Rookie
Kobe Bryant 96-97 Topps (NBA 50) #138 Rookie
Kobe Bryant 96-97 Upper Deck #58 Rookie (BGS 9.5)
Kobe Bryant 97-98 Finest (Bronze/Refractor) #262
Michael Jordan 93-94 Stadium Club (Beam Team) #4
Michael Jordan 93-94 Stadium Club (Beam Team) #4
Michael Jordan 95-96 Metal (Maximum Metal) #4
Michael Jordan 95-96 Metal (Scoring Magnets) #4
Michael Jordan 95-96 Stadium Club (Beam Team) #BT14
Michael Jordan 95-96 Topps Gallery (Expressionists) #EX2
Michael Jordan 95-96 Upper Deck (Electric Court/Gold) #352
Michael Jordan 96-97 Collector's Choice (Crash the Game Scoring 1/Gold) #R30
Michael Jordan 98-99 Topps Gold Label (Gold Label/Black Label) #GL1
Shaquille O'Neal 92-93 Topps (Gold) #362 Rookie
Dennis Rodman 93-94 Stadium Club (First Day Issue) #305
Robert Parish Topps #111 Rookie

Randy Moss (series 1) purple reg
Warren Sapp (series 1) red reg
Emmitt Smith (series 1) blue variant
Daunte Culpepper (series 1) white reg
Daunte Culpepper (series 1) purple variant (clean)
Brian Urlacher (series 2) black reg
Brian Urlacher (series 2) white variant
Donovan McNabb (series 4) white variant (tri)
Michael Vick (series 4) white reg
Ricky Williams (series 4) white reg
Tom Brady (series 5) snowy variant
Drew Bledsoe (series 6) blue reg
Drew Bledsoe (series 6) white variant
Joey Harrington (series 6) blue reg
Joey Harrington (series 6) white variant
Priest Holmes (series 6) white reg
Priest Holmes (series 6) red variant
Deuce McAllister (series 6) white reg
Deuce McAllister (series 6) black variant
Emmitt Smith (series 6) red variant
David Carr (series 7) white reg
David Carr (series 7) blue variant
Chad Pennington (series 7) white reg
Chad Pennington (series 7) green variant
Julius Peppers (series 7) black reg
Julius Peppers (series 7) white variant
Clinton Portis (series 7) blue reg
Clinton Portis (series 7) white variant
Michael Vick (series 7) red variant
Ahman Green (series 8) white variant
Torry Holt (series 8) retro
Jamal Lewis (series 8) purple reg
Jamal Lewis (series 8) white variant
Daunte Culpepper (series 9) purple reg
Daunte Culpepper (series 9) white variant
Priest Holmes (series 9) white variant
Jonathan Ogden (series 9) purple reg
Junior Seau (series 9) dolphins repaint
Brian Urlacher (series 9) blue pants variant
Jake Delhomme (series 10) white reg
Warren Sapp (series 10) raiders repaint
Ricky Williams (series 10) blue reg
Ricky Williams (series 10) orange variant
John Elway (legends 1) orange reg
Gannon/Brooks (2-pack)
Portis/R. Lewis (2-pack)
Olaf Kolzig (series 3) white variant
Tommy Salo (series 4) 3rd jersey
Dan Cloutier (series 5) blue reg
Nikolai Khabibulin (series 6) white variant
Dominik Hasek (series 7) red reg
Dominik Hasek (series 7) white variant
Jean-Sebastian Giguere (series 7) white reg
Jean-Sabastian Giguere (series 7) purple variant
Andrew Raycroft (series 9) black reg
Andrew aycroft (series 9) white variant
Mike Bossy (legends 2) blue variant
Grant Fuhr (legends 2) white reg
Grant Fuhr (legends 2) blue variant
Kobe Bryant (series 1) yellow reg
Elton Brand (series 2) red reg
Tracy McGrady (series 2) white reg
Tracy McGrady (series 2) blue variant
Kobe Bryant (series 3) purple reg
LeBron James (series 5) white reg
LeBron James (series 5) red variant
Ichiro Suzuki (series 1) gray variant
Alex Rodriguez (series 2) blue variant
Matt Morris (series 4) gray variant
Luis Gonzalez (series 6) black variant
Dontrell Willis (series 9) gray variant
like the sanders and the gore auto's
lmk thanks
QUOTE(riverbolts02 @ Oct 18 2007, 03:00 PM)
like the sanders and the gore auto's
lmk thanks

Sorry, didn't see anything I need right now.
need the adrian peterson card when it comes in!
QUOTE(SuperCardCollector1 @ Oct 18 2007, 03:10 PM)
need the adrian peterson card when it comes in!

Sorry, didn't see anything I need right now.
Anybody else?
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