Im back at it for those of you who have traded with me in these types of deals before.. I will only trade gu and patches for them.. If i dont have gu of the players you collect ill get some so we can make a deal.. I dont wanna be bothered with listing rcs and stuff like that at this time..

Please let me know what you have for trade.. I need a list but if you have a section on your site with them listed where i wont have to do much searchign ill do that.. Just let me know.. I can look them up as im subscribed to beckett online.. thanks alot..

If you can list your top 10 player wants when you send a list it will make it easier for me to tell you what i have to trade.. Also if you will take any gu of certain players doesnt matter if you have it or not already let me know that as it would make it easier for me when pulling stuff..