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Full Version: My Hockey Hof Have/have Not List
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Here is my Hockey HOF have and have not list!

If there is a GU or auto by the players name I DO NOT NEED THEM!

Only the blanks remain on my want list!

If you have a GU or auto of any of the holes on my list Please PM me!

Sylvanus (Syl) Apps
Donald H. (Dan) Bain
Hobart (Hobey) Baker
Martin A. (Marty) Barry
Douglas (Doug) Bentley
Maxwell Lloyd Bentley
Richard R. (Dickie) Boon
Francois X. (Frank) Boucher
George (Buck) Boucher
Russell (Dubbie) Bowie
Harry L. (Punch) Broadbent
William (Billy) Burch
Harold (Harry) Cameron
Sprague Cleghorn
Neil McNeil Colville
Roy Gordon Conacher
Alex Connell
William (Bill) Cook
Frederick Joseph (Bun) Cook
Arthur Edmund (Art) Coulter
William Mailes (Bill) Cowley
Samuel (Rusty) Crawford
John Proctor (Jack) Darragh
Allan M. (Scotty) Davidson
Cyril Joseph (Cy) Denneny
Gordon Arthur Drillon
Charles Graham Drinkwater
Thomas Dunderdale
Mervyn (Red) Dutton
Cecil Henry (Babe) Dye
Arthur F. Farrell
Frank C. Foyston
Frank Fredrickson
Herbert (Herb) Gardiner
Edward (Eddie) Gerard
Hamilton (Billy) Gilmour
Frank Xavier (Moose) Goheen
Ebenezer (Ebbie) Goodfellow
Michael (Mike) Grant
Wilfred (Shorty) Green
Silas Seth (Si) Griffis
Joseph Henry (Joe) Hall
George William Hay
William (Riley) Hern
Bryan Aldwyn Hextall
Harry (Hap) Holmes
Charles (Tom) Hooper
Sydney (Syd) Howe
John Bower (Bouse) Hutton
Harrold M (Harry) Hyland
James(Dick) Irvin
Ivan (Ching) Johnson
Ernest (Moose) Johnson
Gordon(Duke) Keats
Jean (Jack) Laviolette
Frederick (Hughie) Lehman
Percy LeSueur
Herbert (Herbie) Lewis
Duncan (Mickey) MacKay
Maurice (Joe) Malone
Sylvio Mantha
John C. (Jack) Marshall
Fred (Steamer) Maxwell
Francis (Frank) McGee
William (Billy) McGimsie
George McNamara
Edward (Reg) Noble
Herbert (Buddy) O'Connor
Harold (Harry) Oliver
Lester Patrick
Jospeph Lynn Patrick
Thomas(Tommy) Phillips
Didier Pitre
Harvey Pulford
Frank Rankin
Kenneth (Kenny) Reardon
George Richardson
Gordon Roberts
Arthur Howey (Art) Ross
Blair Russel
Ernest (Ernie) Russell
J. D. (Jack) Ruttan
Fredrick (Fred) Scanlan
David (Sweeney) Schriner
Oliver Levi Seibert
Albert (Babe) Siebert
Harold (Bullet Joe) Simpson
Alfred E. (Alf) Smith
Reginald (Hooley) Smith
Thomas J. Smith
Russell (Barney) Stanley
John (Black Jack) Stewart
Bruce Stuart
William H. (Hod) Stuart
Frederick (Cyclone) Taylor
Henry (Harry) Trihey
John Phillip (Jack) Walker
Martin (Marty) Walsh
Ralph (Cooney) Weiland
Harry (Rat) Westwick
Frederick Whitcroft
Gordon Allan (Phat) Wilson
wow I simply cannot believe with all the hockey enthusiast here on TCC that not one card I need has been found!
knocked two more of the list

I know there are GU of Conacher and Taylor made..

anybody got em?
boy this list has hit a wall!

I know there are Rayner GU and Conacher GU

Cyclone Taylor GU also..

Contact me at HI, I have about 24 plus cards you could use, looking for some high end back, Carol
list has been modified to reflect only the players I need a GU or auto of
flaman and dumart off the list
conacher leaves the building
my list has grown stagnant..

ITG Ult VIII better show up soon.. smile.gif
stagnation has set in..

maybe the bmb invasion can help me??!!!!
certified tom johnson auto bruins puck just recd!! one down!
list is growing stale need to make some headway!!
still trying to score these guys
I have a extra Bower AU FT

Do you still Need

LMK Mike
QUOTE(maple19 @ Apr 6 2009, 09:01 AM)
I have a extra Bower AU FT

Do you still Need

LMK Mike

I got a couple of real nice bower pieces so i dont need him
I think the hockey list is dying a terrible death!

there just are NOT autos or GU of way too many of the early guys! sad.gif
Little Red Horner is now in my corner.. laugh.gif
this one is so moldy even the flies wont land on it!
95-97% of what your looking for doesn't exist, except rookie cards.
QUOTE(capt55 @ Jul 11 2011, 05:30 PM)
95-97% of what your looking for doesn't exist, except rookie cards.

I know but there are a few and a lot of them have cut sigs!
This list is still stagnant
QUOTE(aceecards @ Apr 22 2013, 06:08 PM)
This list is still stagnant

Honestly Steve when I saw this post by you, I figured that it would be, lets say, I'll never have any of steves wants thread, but always keep a eye out for ya, posted your wants on a few other sites also in your behalf, but hitting a deadvwall like yourself, just wanted you to know that!

Lol! and no I have nothing again, some rainy day we will make a Transaction together wink.gif
lionel Conacher just got erased from the list!

a 1/1 tape job from itg stickworks!
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