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Full Version: New People Added to the WANT LIST!!
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alright so here it is!

Baseball (all auto or/and gu)
Alexi Castilla
Justin Morneau
Johan Santana
Jason Bartlett
Matt Garza
Khalil Greene

Football (all auto or/and gu, excpet AP and CJ, just GU for them)
Randy Moss (any team, most prefered MN, looking for patches)
Sidney Rice
Marcus McCauley
Aundrae Allison
Adrian Peterson
Dante Culpepper (maily patches, may not give up a ton for him, want in MN uni, but any uni will be fine)
JaMarcus Russel
Joseph Addai
Maurice Jones-Drew
Tarvaris Jackson
Calvin Johnson
Marshawn Lynch
Chad Greenway
Jacoby Jones
Gary Russel

PLMK What You Have of These Players, it is Highly Appriciated!!
anyone at all!!

i just added to the list of people i am looking for, come on!!
one last try, and if nothing, i am just going to make a new topic!
none except base
thanks for the offer, but not currently looking for the base of these, when i am, i will send you a PM!
Got a Randy Moss Huge Patch Card /25---In Vikings Uni----2006 Abs. Memorabilia---Let me know---Please link me to your bucket via PM with the link so I can copy it, my comp. wont allow me to click links.
i am very interested in that, do you have a scan of it though?
you told me you were interested in the one meachem and i have a jumbo 3 color patch #ed to 10 coming
yes i am, but i have no patch to trade for it
need that Autofacts card!
whatcha got for it?
How about....

I get:
Autofacts card
Lorenzo Booker JSY
Avant RC

You get:
Johan Santana JSY w/ pinstripe
ah, no i dont like that trade, i would be giving you a auto of a fairly decent prospect and gu of a failry decent rookie, and a rc of avant, for johan who didn't do so well this year, i don't like that trade at all, i was looking for both getting a even amount
please make me a better offer!
one last shoutout before i head to bed!
up for the EARLY morning!
have gu of the following
moss (raiders)
d.c. may not all be in the bucket so lmk if you would like scans
also i have a stack of about 10 or 15 non football autos and gu, (some dual gu) if you want them, will trade WAYYYYYYYYY in your favor for them.. dont know a thing about them also check the last page of my rc/insert section have a d. jeter 2/20 i would through in as well..
lmk thanks
what sport are the non football, and who are they of?

also like

Tarvaris Jackson GU

do you have a scan of the Morneau and the Moss also?

but lmk who the non-football auto's are of and what sport!
anyone else?
up, need help!
up for the night!
Could you use this one...........LMK, J

user posted image

i could, that is a beaut!
I'll trade you it straight up for the Cotchery Bowmans best auto.........and if you do that, I will throw in this has a few bad corners but its not bad for a throw in, I thought i would let you have it since your a VIKS fan and it has him in his VIKS Uni.............but only if you do the trade.....LMK ASAP....J

user posted image
well, for the cotchery auto, i was looking to get an auto in return, and an auto worth trading it for, because, otherwise i would be getting shorted a auto, and trade bait, which is in need for me now, more then ever!
no biggie......thanks for your time.......J
alright, thanks for the offer!

up before i head to bed!
Kimberjade Cards
Randy Moss
Randy Moss 2004 Reflections Fantasy Fabrics Vikings 49/99 FFRM $20.00
Randy Moss 1998 Score Graded 9 mint CSA Rookie Vikings 235

Adrian Peterson
Adrian Peterson 2007 Score Rookie Vikings 341 $5.00
Adrian Peterson 2007 Upper Deck First Edition Rookie Vikings 104 $6.00
Adrian Peterson 2007 Press Pass SE Insider Insight Insert RC Vikings II21 $8.00

Dante Culpepper
Daunte Culpepper 2004 SPX Swatch Supremacy Vikings SW-DC $8.00
Daunte Culpepper 2006 Upper Deck Game Jersey Vikings GJ-DC $10.00
Daunte Culpepper 1998 Collector's Edge Supreme Rookie Vikings 143 $5.00
Daunte Culpepper 1999 Topps Gold Label Class 1 Rookie Vikings 46 $6.00

JaMarcus Russell
Jamarcus Russell 2007 Press Pass Reflector Insert RC 3 $15.00
Jamarcus Russell 2007 Score Rookie Raiders 331 $4.00

Joseph Addai
Joseph Addai 2006 Topps DPP Senior Standouts Jersey Colts SS-JA $25.00

Maurice Jones-Drew
Maurice Drew 2006 Bowman Rookie Jaguars 154 $4.00
Maurice Drew 2006 Score Rookie Jaguars 362 $3.00
Maurice Drew 2006 Topps Rookie Jaguars 377 $4.00
Maurice Drew 2006 Leaf Rookies and Stars 1948 Leaf Orange Insert RC Jaguars 28 $10.00
Maurice Drew/Marshall Lynch 2007 Ultra Comparisons Jaguars/Bills LJ $6.00

Calvin Johnson
Calvin Johnson 2007 Score Rookie Lions 351 $5.00
Calvin Johnson 2007 Topps Chrome Rookie Lions 200 $20.00
Calvin Johnson 2007 Topps Chrome Refractor Rookie Lions 200 $30.00
Calvin Johnson/David Clowney 2007 Press Pass Marquee Matchups MM3 $10.00

if the moss or culpepper are more than 1 color, i may be interested!
still looking!
calling once more before making a new topic!
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