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Full Version: OMG you guys will never believe what I just pulled
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I went uptown this afternoon and bought a pack of 2006 Topps Co-Signers from the card store up town. Only reason I bought it is becuase there was only one pack left in the box and the guy sold it to me for 5 bucks so of course I had to buy it biggrin.gif . So I saved the pack for tonight but I completely forgot I had it and I left it in my moms car and so I jusr remebered now and I pulled probally my favorite card of all time a Dual Autograph of Prince Fielder and Cecil Fielder!!!!!!!!!!! It took me about 5 mins to relize what I got I just stared at it with this face on shocking.gif then this one:jawdrop: then I came to and started running around my house lmao I'm sooooooooooooooo happy!!!!!!!!!!! when I was little Cecil Fielder was my favorite player I don't remeber y I started likeing him but I did lol thats why I start my obsession with his son (whos a better player then his dad). OMG I'm still in shock it's by far my favorite pull it's also my first Prince Fielder auto!!! uhhhhhhhhhh I can't beleive it I'm gonna stop rambling on now lol and also remeber and Prince Fielder cards you have I will deff trade for them!!!!!!!!!!!!

You should put this in pack pulls since you arent willing to trade it (or at least i dont think you are) and that is a great pull! get a scan up!
very nice!...would love to see a scan!
A nice story & a great card!

congrats.. I have that card from the first year of co-signers
ok I'll have scans up as soon as I fix my scanner lol
Awesome pull man, I got Cecil's auto TTM, but my quest for a Prince is still fruitless. I think it's kind of funny how they put them on the same card because Prince really doesn't like his father and doesn't acknowledge him at all for where he has gotten to in his big league career.
wow nice pull
thats a nice card, congrats!!
Awesome pull
thanks everyone lol
awesome pull and really happy for you, congrats.
QUOTE(bluechip @ Aug 27 2007, 01:13 PM)
awesome pull and really happy for you, congrats.

thanks man
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