This was one of the last few boxes I cracked before my UD boycott, which is now at 8+ months without a relapse. Anyways, I have this small box of them, which I'd love to get to someone for 2-3 lowend Sterling autos/jsy/bat I need for my set. I'm not going to list every card, but here's the nicer cards.

7 Star Attractions
3 WBC Counterparts
8 Player Highlights
2 Run Producers
2 Parallels #/50
11 Parallels #/150
5 Parallels #/99
2 Jersey cards of Dunn and Weeks
45 Base Cards
7 RC's, including Kuo and Drew.

90+ cards and just a couple '06 Sterling set needs takes the lot. Great looking set, just need to clear space. Thanks