I recently came across a decent amount of money, so I decided I might like to pick up a box or two, but I always hear people say, "Go singles! It's so much better than a box", so I figure, hey, why not test that theory!

So that's where you come in. I have $100 in PayPal available, and I'm looking for the following:

-Redskins multi-color GU (Current or classic only, please)
-Redskins autos (Especially Baugh, Theismann, Jurgensen, Monk. Also, Cooley and Campbell would be very nice)
-LaRon Landry auto, other than Press Pass
-H.B. Blades auto from Elite
-Otis/Fred Amey 2005 RCs, especially his Exquisite auto
-Letterman autos
-SP Authentic auto/patches
-Highly tradeable autos/patches/etc

I'll do the full $100 to one person, or split it up. Whatever works. What I'd really like to do is add to my PC with this. The tradeable stuff is secondary. I am not looking to check buckets or lists, for this. My wants are pretty specific. Let me know what you've got, and please, make an offer with your reply.