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Full Version: 06-07 SP Game Used NPN
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Got a package in the mail today from Upper Deck. Thought it was one of my redemptions. I have a Joel Zumaya SPX RC Auto card that says it's been shipped. But, alas, it was not.

However, it was an NPN from NBA SP Game Used. And, would you believe it, it's a redemption. They sent me a redemption card as an NPN.'s already been scratched. I have no idea why they would go through the trouble of scratching it. But, they did.

It's an autographed card of Marvin Williams from the Hawks. Now here's the even funnier part. I checked on eBay and this exact card is for sale (they are numbered to 100) and it's not a redemption. So, apparently they have the card in stock, but just to make sure, let's go ahead and redeem this and see....

And sure enough, it's in stock. So, instead of just sending me the actual card, which they have in stock, they send me the redemption, so they have to ship another card to me. Way to be cost effective, Upper Deck. Could've saved yourself some postage by just sending the actual card.

Sometimes I think Upper Deck is run by chupacabra.
2000 rushing yards
Awesome Jeremy!!
Kids these days with their NPN redemptions and their Bon Jovi records. . .

Who cares if UD does it smart, as long as you win in the end. Nice!
LMAO, That is halarious !!! thanks for sharing jeremy i needed a laugh like that, Only upper deck could make something so simple an absolute chore
wow that is pretty funny!

It is funny, but I think they are trying to stay true to the concept of NPN. In other words, they opened a pack and there was a redemption card in it. I got one like this last year for a rookie set, a few weeks later I got the set. Yeah, spending the postage 2 times is kind of ridiculous, but it could be worse you could have got nothing. laugh.gif

Someone else here just recently got an Artifact Hockey rookie redemption the same way a few days back.

Maybe there are seperate departments for NPNs and redemptions and therefore they can not pull the card when they get a redemption in the process?!? unsure.gif
not bad at all.......
Got a CJ Miles game used as an NPN from this product today.
Nice NPNs.
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