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Full Version: A Bent one from Topps
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While I consider myself fairly "in the know" about NPNs (see my pinned post above) there are still some things that baffle me about them.

I've had two instances where this has occurred and yesterday illustrates one of them. I received an NPN from Topps in the mail. It was addressed to my wife. I have never, I repeat never, sent in an NPN for my wife. My wife has never sent in an NPN. I have never written my wife's name on the 3 X 5 index card. So, the only way they could have gotten my wife's name is by looking at the return address label I put on the original envelope. So, that begs the question as to whether Topps actually looks at the 3 X 5 cards if you put a return label on your original envelope. This is the second time Topps has sent one to my wife, and I can't figure out why.

The second "mystery" is why several of us have gotten NPNs we didn't send in for. I know recently one member received one from a Fleer product that's not even made anymore. I have received one from a Topps non-sports kids product before that I didn't send in for. It was a refrigerator magnet of a Tootsie-Roll. That makes no sense whatsoever. So, why would Topps send out NPNs of non-sports stuff that I didn't send in for?

Anyhow, the one my wife received yesterday was a Topps Full-Court basketball insert card of some guy I don't know and it was badly creased down the back.

I guess I can't complain. At least I didn't get it out of a pack.
The Tootsie Roll is probably from Wacky Packages, they spoof popular products.

As far as your damaged NPN, you're basically stuck with it (not that it matters much since it was free smile.gif). I tried returning a damaged NPN card once and it's not their policy to replce them.
Oh, that's a pity... Do Topps allow you to send another NPN for a card on the same product?
2000 rushing yards
No, topps doesn't UD does. Maybe they just tell you to put the indexcard in so the PO doesn't get confused.
Send it back to Topps, and say you pulled it out of a pack. I've done this at least (10) times...
lol was it numbered?
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