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Full Version: Can someone give me some information on this card?
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I'm looking for its bv, it's production numbers, and any other certified cards she has. What's your thought of its price in the long run? Is it worth grading? Beckett grades any certified company cards.
heres some info:


i dont know much about non-sport cards but i think you can look in tuff stuff to find a little info on it in there non-sport price guide
best bet checkl ebay tuff stuff ahd one of my non sports cards listed for 30 bucks when people were sellinjg it buy now constanly for 8-12 bucks on the bay most of the time that is your best bet with non sports it shows what people will honestly bid on them
good advice

But ebay stores have three listed ranging from 6xx.xx to 8xx.xx though none have sold at that price

no completed auctions either
mmmmm alba
Considering what other superstar cards from non-sports sets sell for (Hugh Jackman, Angelina Jolie, Vin Diesel, etc.) I'll bet the Alba could net you at least $100.
Well, from my past research before, they've sold in the $600 range.
QUOTE(quincy24 @ Apr 25 2007, 05:23 PM)
Well, from my past research before, they've sold in the $600 range.

No kidding? Wow!!

SELL SELL SELL!!!! biggrin.gif
Non-sport update magazine has a BV of 625.00... That is a nice card..
Dont pay attn to Non Sports Update. That mag sucks BIG TIME when it comes to book values. Theyre 10x worse on bv's than beckett is on sports card bv's. They dont keep up with the secondary market.

I bought the Dark Angel Alba for six hundred and sixty-three dollars. I sold it later for six hundred and forty-five. I checked the completed auctions a few months ago and they were in the six hundred range. There were some at a bin of eight hundred to nine-ninety five but havent checked ebay's prices for a while. Hope that helps.

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