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Full Version: radio just reported a derek & dominoes
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Kshe 95 just reported that Eric Clapton was going to tour with Derek and the Dominoes this summer..Ha ... I say to that...

Lets see

Duane Allman Died in 1971.. hes dust by now

The Drummer Gordon.. killed his Mom in the 80's and is in Jail or psyche ward

another member died in 1980 from Kidney infection...

So it'll just be Clapton and 1 other member.. not much of a reunion heh?

I just think its funny when they get these ludicrous rumours...
It probably won't happen just because Clapton pretty much has tried to disaccociate himself from anything he's done pre-1990. The whole Cream reunion was crap because Clapton did it just as a favor to the other members who probably needed the dough. You could see Clapton wasn't into it when they were playing. He just did his part and moved on.

Although I still wouldn't mind seeing Cream. biggrin.gif
yes, just as I made fun of them the DJ just corrected their story...

Eric Claptons summer tour will include a tribute to Derek and the Dominoes... Not a reunion tour as previously announced...

I thought not but found the whole news annoncement rather humorous..
and I was right only the keyboardist and Clapton would be around to even do it.. the drummer Gordon is in prison...for Murdering his Mom in 1983!!

Oh I wouldve given big money to see Cream..

I saw jack Bruce with Ringo Starr and the all stars and Clapton twice live!! and I figured that is as close as Ill get to cream!!
So what your saying is the Dominoes have all fallen? Guess it was bound to happen! biggrin.gif
george they fell a long time ago before any of them ever kicked off...
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