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Full Version: The Day the Music Died!!
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In a small Cornfield in NW Iowa a small private plane crashed and changed the face of Music as we know it..

Killed that fateful night were three of the brightest stars on the Rock N Roll Music scene..Buddy Holly, JP Richardson and Richie Valens...All three were young and on top of the charts...

Buddy Holly had 14 top ten hits in 18 months.. a feat never matched by anyone else in the Rock N roll industry..not Elvis, not the Beatles..although estranged from his band the Crickets in the fall of 1958.. Charles Hardin Holly was still popping out hits and had scored big with "That'll be the day" " Peggy Sue", "Rave On" "Oh Boy" "Everyday" .. all written and performed by him..

Richie Valens real name was Ritchie Valenzuela..had just burst on the music scene appealing to hispanics with his unique style of vocals and rhythms.. His guitar playing and song writing skills were something /american teens had not heard before...He had scored big hits with the ballad " Oh Donna" "La Bamba" and numerous other up and coming on the charts..

Jp Richardson (The Big Bopper) Was a Texas DJ who recorded a Gimmick album for lack of a better term.. He didnt know how to play any instruments but he had a booming bartione voice that would light up any crowd.. "Chantilly Lace" was his only hit..

The Face of Rock music was changed forever that night..If you look back in history..American Music entered into a deep dark hole of Bubble gum rock and Dick Clark POP..Elvis was gone too, in the military and never really came back...this was the time of Fabian and Bobby Darin..

I firmly believe that on that night the door was opened wide for what would be called the British Invasion which in my opinion has never stopped... the beatles, the who, the rolling stones all re-recroded Buddy Holly songs on their early albums and most even give him credit for playing music in the first place and being influential on their styles..

As the British Invasion continued and progressed thru the harder edged Blues rock of Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Jimi Hendrix..The Yardbirds, Cream, led Zeppelin American Rockers continued to be few and far between.. it took American born and based rockers "The Doors" to actually bring some attention back to our native born artist...Jimi Hendrix of course was seatlle born and bred but left and moved to England where he honed his skills and formed his band before coming back for the Great festival period from 1967-1970...The other movement going at the same time was the Vietnam protestors like Crsoby Stills Nash and Young but just like Simon and Garfunkel their brand of Rock N roll just didnt compare to what the Boys across the pond were filling our ears with..

And then again tragedy hit the american music scene with the loss of Morrison , Hendrix and the bluesy Janis Joplin.from late 1970-1971..

So you go about your busy day..Turn on the Oldies station wherever you live or goto a music store into a listening booth... Give a Spin to Buddy Holly, Ritchie valens or the Big Bopper.. You Might here something familiar there...

I have visited both the crash site and the home of Buddy Holly.. His music still gets me geared up every morning... and Today is his day...Buddy Holly Lives!!! Thru you.. just give him a listen!!!
When you came to Lubbock...did you go to the Buddy Holly Museum? I haven't been there but I've heard they have some great memorabilia and displays as well as his music. It was truely a tragedy...and to think...had Waylon Jennings not lost a coin flip he would have occupied one of the seats on that plane.
Of course this fateful day was also memorialized by Don Mclean in his one hit epic..American when you hear it today ..and you will... you'll know what its about...

Weezer, for the younger crowd also immortalized Buddy Holly in their one big hit...

But Nothing beats the originals...

One of the best compilations I could recommend to the younger generation is Buddy Hollys Twenty greatest Hits... It covers the entire 18 months of his career..

The Lubbock Flash..never disappoints!!!

Movie Wise both La Bamba starring Lou Diamond Phillips and the Buddy Holly Story starring Gary Busey (who won the best Actor award) both are in my thumbs Up category..Hard to believe that gary Busey could sing like that...although he never really got the spirit of the "Holly Hiccup" and of course both producers/directors took some liberties from the truth in those movies..

and yes Waylon Jennings did lose the coin flip to Richie Valens..Waylon Jennings was part of Buddys New band especially put together for that tour...

I want rant all day.. but want to inspire each and everyone of you that think oldies are Moldies to actually sit and listen to the artistry that was Budy Holly and Richie Valens...and just see how many times you hear some of todays artists being influenced by these guys...Thanks for reading and enjoy the music...
I just watched American Graffiti (still home sick from work)

the line "Rock and Roll has gone down hill since buddy Holly Died"

oh how true ...

and the one guy from American Graffiti was in the Buddy Holly Story that came out a few years after .. good movie.

To this day one of my all time favorite songs! How true the title still rings today!

The day the music died! American pie-Don Mcclean
Did you all get your Buddy Fix today...Itll be a year before I "rave on" About the real prince of rock N roll...Till next year..this is the Big Bopper saying... Helllloooooo Baaaaaabbbbbbbeeeeee!!!!!
We'll be singing, Bye Bye miss american pie drove my chevy to the levie but the levie was dry and good ole steve was drinking whiskey and rye singing this will be the that I cry!

Ok I took a few liberties but you get my point.
Well I didn't listen to any Buddy Holly today...but just about everyday I say his name over the radio because we have a street in Lubbock named after if we have a call on his street I get to say his name...LOL biggrin.gif
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