looking to sale or trade all of my fasons....... i am looking for either reggie mcneal or any steelers

these are just my autos/jerseys i have many base Rc's

Upper Deck Debut Ink DI-CI 20.00
Press Pass Bronze Auto 15.00

Bazooka Originals BO-CF 5.00
Sage Hit CF 12.00
Ultimate Collection RJ-Cl 12.00
Absolute Mem. 10 8.00
Donruss Zenith roll call RC-9 8.00
Throwback threads Materials 209 8.00
Ud Portraits Mem. Materials mm-cl 6.00
Bowmans Best 8.00
UD rookie futures jerseys RF-CI 8.00
Leaf R&S Freshman Oreientation FO-9 8.00
SP Rookie Swatch Supremacy RS- CI 8.00