I am trying first and foremost get Roger Staubach auto, Emmitt Smith,then the older guys like Dorsett, Daryll Johnston, Golden Richards you get the idea what years I am talking about.
Me I am looking for Rookies of Rice, Marino, Montana, need the autos too
I like base cards from the 50's & 60's Bart Starr, Unitas and whoever I cant think of right now but its not a priority, I like the older autographs because they have a reasonable price on them from the 80's to early 90's,
I will look at photobuckets because sometimes I see stuff I didn't think of mentioning, I like to get a new autogrpah of Matt Leinart because the 1 I have now is Sage and BV $80, the same with Lendale its a great looking card with his auto but is not a rookie, its score select hot rookie auto, and I have my Vince Young and Cedric Benson dual auto BV $250.00 on ebay right now for $160, well thats it take it easy everyone Chip