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Full Version: 8th TCC Trade-a-Thon!
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The 8th TCC Trade-a-Thon will take place from Saturday - 3/31/07 - through Tuesday - 4/3/07!

This 4-day event will once again be a time where all Collector Zone members are encouraged to focus on trading, buying and selling with each other. So, dust off your trade and want lists! In addition, stop by the local shop and make sure you're fully stocked with shipping supplies.

Come Saturday (3/31/07) though, all attention will turn to trading, buying and selling! We'll also have a number of giveaways - many of which will be awarded to those members who simply post (and then later complete) a transaction during this event! We'll also have a special prize for the member that completes the most transactions by the time the April 2007 Trade-a-Thon starts (only transactions posted during Trade-a-Thon apply)!

As you can see, this special event should be a great time and a great opportunity for many of you to obtain some new cards from your want lists!

Let's make this our best Trade-a-Thon yet!

Wait a minute. This is a website for Trading???? It all makes sense now!!! tongue.gif

Ive been upping my Photo bucket, hopefully I got something someone wants wink.gif
I'm ready to dust off my lists and get them updated.

biggrin.gif I have a goal of 10 trades and sales this time! biggrin.gif

1-2+ bonus cards each trade or sale. So check out my lists or wait for my new ones.

I'm also going to try and get some team lots together.


I was born ready.
QUOTE(crazygood @ Mar 29 2007, 04:29 PM)
I was born ready.

This is funny cuz I just asked Rich last night when the next Trade-a-thon was.

QUOTE(oldspice_007 @ Mar 29 2007, 05:37 PM)
This is funny cuz I just asked Rich last night when the next Trade-a-thon was.

Which then caused him to ask me (via the team forum) and then this topic to get posted. See what you made happen! wink.gif

QUOTE(bob_TCC @ Mar 29 2007, 05:42 PM)
Which then caused him to ask me (via the team forum) and then this topic to get posted.  See what you made happen!  wink.gif


HAHA so I am the partial reason of this Trade-a-Thon.

I guess I have to win it now.
Ouch, I will receive some boxes to bust but next Thursday... won't make it for this, but I hope that I may have some trade bait for the next one
2000 rushing yards
I'll have to update my tradelist. Hopefully i can get some low-end trades in (check my site) thumbup.gif
There's a team forum? I feel so secluded... sad.gif

Just kidding tongue.gif
Hopefully, I'll have enough time to update my tradelist tomorrow...

Bob, are there any results from the 6th TCC Trade-a-Thon from January? Sorry to bug you again about this, but I would like to know.

Add me to the list, I would love to do this!
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