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TCC member of the Month - February 2007: Hernant15

Hernant15's Profile

Hernant15 is a relatively new member to the site (joined January 14, 2007) but has been extremely active even though he is still a novice card collector. He is 18 years old and currently is an economics student at the University of Buenos Aires in Argentina. While living in Puerto Rico from 2000 to 2001, Hernan became interested in American sports, particularly the NBA and NFL. His favorite player at the time was Michael Jordan.

However, when he returned back home to Argentina, Hernan found cards were scarce and hard to come by. The first cards of his collection came from a couple of packs of 2005-06 Upper Deck Basketball, a gift from a visiting friend of his dad's. The best card was a Beno Udrih game-used from the packs. He looked for a trading site via google and BINGO TCC and Hernant15 met! He quickly jumped into the fray of TCC, enjoying threads and events such as Trade-a-Thon, chat nights and the Dedicated or Delirious contest.

Initially, Hernan wanted to collect cards of Argentinian players (Manu Ginobili and Andres Nocioni), but changed his mind because, oddly enough, a song on the video game "Madden '07" got him interested in the New Orleans Saints. When Hernan heard U2 (Hernan's favorite band) and Green Day's collaborative rendition of "The Saints are Coming," he became interested in the team and running back tandem of Deuce McAllister and Reggie Bush!

Hernan's has already made several trades on the site and many members have sent Hernant15 many cool items as well! Guess what it gets better! As TCC's Member of the Month, here is SOME of the stuff coming your way!!!


2004 Fleer Genuine Big Time Auto Patch Deuce McAllister (#/25)!! Courtesy of kooljazz1966
user posted image

2006/07 Topps Full Court Basketball Cards Hobby Box Courtesy of Bob_TCC
user posted image

18 packs 5 cards per pack

1 Co-Signers Autograph per box, 2 Relic cards and 4 Chrome Rookie cards-- each pack will have an insert, parallel, Rookie, Relic or Dual Auto.

and more stuff!

January 2007 Member of the Month
wowww shocking.gif Hernan man! im so happy for you! thumbsup.gif you deserve everything you are going to get! all of your participation has paid off! clapping.gif thanks tcc team for showing your appreciation and making one of your first dedications since i've been a part of the site to one of the most well deserving members! jockey.gif
2000 rushing yards
Wow Hernan, Congrats!! and thanks to bob for the Boxes
Congrats Hernan, you deserve to be member of the month.
Wow... I just don't know what to say...(it doesn't happen often) biggrin.gif

First of all thanks for all the great members I found here, I was going to name a few but it would have been very unfair towards others! So the ones who I speak frequently know who they are! biggrin.gif
Then thanks Bob for creating this great site where we can have a great time and, for non-US members, it's the only way to keep in contact with the hobby of collecting. Also thanks to the Team who works everyday to help improve the site and make it better for us.
Also thanks Peter for editing my text, I know that was a difficult task! laugh.gif
Well to finish I want to really thank Ken and Bob for those huge prizes! I don't really deserve them biggrin.gif We should be giving away stuff to both of you! I really appreciate it again.
Congrats, Hernan!!
Congrats Hernan!!! toot.gif clapping.gif toot.gif
Woohoo for Hernan! Well deserved! What a nice Deuce patch/autograph, plus a nice hobby box!
Congrats Hernan! You are a great member!!!
Congrats Hernan! Nice rewards too!
Congrats Hernan!!
Wow Congrats hernan!! You hit the TCC jackpot!!!
QUOTE(chopinalex @ Mar 27 2007, 02:11 PM)
Wow Congrats hernan!! You hit the TCC jackpot!!!

I would say that I hit the jackpot when getting to know TCC! biggrin.gif
Thanks to everyone for their congrats!
maybe someone will send you peeps so you can taste them..
QUOTE(chopinalex @ Mar 27 2007, 02:20 PM)
maybe someone will send you peeps so you can taste them..

You're talking about that cat in your sig? I think he/she ate them all!! laugh.gif
Congrats to Hernan, you really threw yourself into the mix here.
QUOTE(oldspice_007 @ Mar 27 2007, 02:50 PM)
Congrats to Hernan, you really threw yourself into the mix here.

Thanks a lot Anton!
Surely Well Deserved!!
wow!!! congrats on a really nice award and reward!!!! p.s. how does a member win a award like this????
QUOTE(mouthslammer @ Mar 27 2007, 06:34 PM)
wow!!!  congrats on a really nice award and reward!!!!  p.s.  how does a member win a award like this????

I don't know... laugh.gif
Being respectful, participating in the forums, helping other members in what you can.. I don't know, I would say just having fun in here biggrin.gif
Way to go Hernan! I appreciate all that you do at TCC in leading the way to show others what TCC has to offer. It is a pleasure in being a part of your world here at TCC. Enjoy the rewards- you deserve them! -Vickie
Wow congrats Hernan! Well deserved!!
Hernan it is our pleasure to have you as a TCC member...Congrats young man!!!


YAY HERNAN!! Congrats, buddy! biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
Congrats !!! those are some sweet prizes !!!
Wow congrats Hernan!!
CONGRATS Hernan!!! You are an awesome member and just a super person! You fully deserve the award and the cool prizes headed your way!

biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
Thanks Mario, Greg, Matt, Arty, Ken (sorry if I left anyone outside of it). Thanks again, I wouldn't be as active as I've been if it wasn't for each of you so thanks again
Awsome job Hernant!! Couldnt have picked a better member/person/collector!!! You are a true asset to the site! biggrin.gif
Congrats! Hernan!

Great Duece for your PC!

Good luck on the Box Break!

Much love, Hernan! Can't wait to see a live break wink.gif
I just can't wait either!!! Thanks Rich and Robert!!
good job
Congrats Hernan, always love seeing your positive posts and obviously so do many others! smile.gif
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