I have over 300 autos & GU'ed scanned, Looking for this years Emmitt Smith, Troy Aikmen Autographs older Cowboy Autographs, Tony Romo, GU'ed of Vintage, Autos, and Base cards of the 50's thru mid 70's, Would like Autographs of Marino, Montana, Rice, Elway, Staubach, under $150.
Still need inserts of Topps Retail True Champions cards Brett Favre #3, John Elway #9, Marshall Faulk #13,
Aspire subset 5 star
Reggie Bush #1 & #5, Vince Young #24 & #25, Lendale White #19 & 20
Matt Leinart # 15, also
Hit Sage Reflex 2005 Lendale White Shirt number the card just has a picture of shirt with the number 21 on it (No Name)
Sweet Spot Helmets year doesn't matter, Dolphins would like M. Clayton, or Nat Moore, Bears, 49er's, Browns, Seahawks with orig. Logo not written
WILL LOOK AT PHOTOBUCKETS for something that catches my eye
PHOTOBUCKET: http://s98.photobucket.com/albums/l278/chipwolf/
Email chipwolf@msn.com

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BadTrader Keep a close eye on this one Hillbillybob89 aka (Jerry Intrabartolo)
READ IN INFO ON TRADERS, If you do trade make sure you receive 1st then send them out