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Full Version: Looking For Terrell Davis
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Thinking of starting a collection of Terrell Davis cards. Please list good Terrell Davis, not base cars, I want rookie, good inserts, auto, or GU cards. I want to see what is out there first before I decide, but don't hesitate to list them, if there are enough good cards, I will definitely start it up!
these are the inserts i have. i also have a bunch of his rookies, but want to start here first. let me know.

collector’s choice update silver version- 5.00
classic 5 sport die-cut- ??

skybox premium close up- 8.00
signature rookies red hot rookies- ??
1997 promo from 96 for ultra football with tab- ??
topps laser bright spots- 8.00
playoff prime x’s/o’s – 9.00
fleer ultra sledge hammer- 5.00
upper deck predictors (59 yard play in game)- 2 available - 3.00/card
edge too cool- 5.00
upper deck hot properties with Rodney Hampton- 8.00
playoff metal xl #xl24- ??
playoff illusions xxxi- 15.00
pacific card supial large version 2 available- 8.00/card
action packed longest yard- 12.00
pinnacle trophy collection- 4.50
pacific crown collection power corps 2 available- 4.00/card
playoff card show promo from nfl experience 3 available- ???
classic experience x- 10.00
score footsteps with marshall faulk- 20.00
skybox impact intimidators 2 available- 6.00/card

playoff xxx11- ??
edge extreme force 2 available- 4.00/card
pinnacle instincts trophy collection p100- ??
upper deck team mates- 1.25
ultra play of the game- 2.50
ultra promo says sample on back- ??
collector’s choice sticker- .50
pacific revolution air mail die-cut- 10.00
score board franchise player- 2.50
fleer goudey heads up- 6.00
pinnacle express pursuit of paydirt- 1.25
skybox premium closeup- 8.00
topps chrome thunder and lightning- 6.00
playoff prime target- 10.00
pacific invincible- 2.00 not an insert
stadium club offensive strikes ground control- 3.00
playoff zone frenzy – 6.00
skybox motion vision- 1.50
fleer game breaker- 1.25
fleer thrill seekers- 12.00
flair showcase row 0 seat 30 section 1- 15.00
upper deck pro view- ??
ultra rising stars 3 available- 2.00/card
ultra blitzkrieg 2 available- 2.50/card

upper deck super powers 6 available- 1.50/card
upper deck super powers silver die-cut 1416/2000- 3.00
upper deck black diamond premium cut 2 available- 6.00/card
leaf rookies and stars extreme measures 2 available (937/1000 and 952/1000)- 6.00/card
topps mystery finest 2 available 5.00/card
stadium club chrome 2 available- 4.00/card
stadium club first day issue (010/200)- 6.00
topps chrome power and speed seasons best 2 available- 3.00/card
topps power and speed seasons best- 2.50
collector’s edge xxx11 (456/1000) - ??
pinnacle mint impeccable- 3.00
proline dc111 decade draft with kijana carter- 4.00
score complete player 2 available 7c- 1.25/card
score complete players 7a- 1.25
topps gridiron gods 2 available- 4.00/card
pinnacle mint not an insert- 0.50
ultra touchdown king not in the best of condition- 5.00
edge 1st place triumph- 2.50
ultra top 30- .75
edge 1st place t3 triple threat- 4.00
upper deck collector’s choice starquest 4 avaialble- .60/card
upper deck collector’s choice starquest green version- 1.80
upper deck collector’s choice starquest/rookquest with Robert Edwards 3 available- .75/card

edge 1st place triumph fantasy team- 2.50
pacific dynagon turf- 3.00
edge supreme homecoming with champ bailey- 2.50
donruss fan club- 2.50
skybox dominion goals 2 go with jamal Anderson- 1.50
score complete players- 2.00
edge fury preview card #td- ??playoff prestige exp 2590/3250- 1.00
upper deck center stage- 3.00
upper deck mvp dynamics- 4.00
bowman’s best best performers- 1.00 not an insert
playoff ssd momentum davis g force- 3.00
edge fury forerunners- 4.00
skybox ex century extraordinary- 2.50
upper deck sp maximum impact 4 available- 1.50/card
topps picture perfect 3 available- 1.50/card
upper deck spx 2 available- 1.50/card not an insert
fleer tradition pressure- 8.00
pacific pro bowl die-cut - 8.00
upper deck encore superstar- ??
upper deck strike force 4 available- 1.00/card
edge supreme t3 3 available- 4.00/card
aurora championship fever- 1.25
upper deck 21 td salute td1- 5.00
upper deck 21 td salute td3- 5.00
upper deck 21 td salute td4- 5.00
upper deck 21 td salute td5- 5.00
upper deck 21 td salute td7- 5.00
upper deck 21 td salute td8- 5.00
upper deck 21 td salute td9 3 available- 5.00/card

fleer showcase mission impossible- 1.00
edge supreme supreme team- 1.50
fleer showcase super natural- 2.50
upper deck mvp theatre- 1.25

I have a National Treasures auto of Davis /20
I have a National Treasures auto of Davis /20
Cool keep em coming!
i have ons of T.D cards i will get u a list soon
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