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Full Version: Michelle Wie playing in PGA Tour this week
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I think history is made as she makes the cut and pulls into contention late into the 3rd round...

I would almost have to turn the NFL games off to watch her if she is on the leaderboard on Sunday...

Wouldnt that be something....
Providing that she doesn't screw up and take a penalty or sign a wrong score card again....what a terrible start to a career.
QUOTE(KHarmon @ Jan 11 2006, 09:39 PM)
Providing that she doesn't screw up and take a penalty or sign a wrong score card again....what a terrible start to a career.

i'd like to see her win some majors on her tour. i don't like the idea that she can get a sponser exemption that could have gone to someone that has paid their dues on the mini tours or someone that is in a slump at the moment. if she makes it through a qualifier, then go for it, and good luck to her.
I'd love to see her win....I question her parents thought process in allowing her to turn pro at such an early age.....I know they're seeing the $$$ signs and she can definately make the money out there and in endorsement deals....but I think I would still have a problem letting her turn pro at her age.
would you have held back.. tara lipinski or any of the other fine athletes that win gold and get endorsement offers?

She and her parents have worked their whole lives to get to this point
I realize that they have worked very hard to get where they're biggest concern about any athlete that age breaking into pro-sports is that the "burn out" factor is so much higher than it is for other athletes. It's their decision...just not one that I think I would be willing to make if in their shoes.
According to Neil Young "Its better to burn out than fade away"

I laid awake all night and ponder this as if my own 13 year old was a prodigy, what would I do...

Id let her go pro as soon as she was able figuring her career expectancy is 10 years tops.. Knowing what a woman goes thru between 13 and 15 and 15 - 21... could more than erode her will and ability to play...Heck worse case scenario she could meet a boy , fall in love and lose all interest before she ever got going.. (Im not a pushy parent)

Plus you have the whole school thing.. because education is A #1 priority in my I have to limit her to summers and winter break only for playing

Eventually boys have to enter the pictures sooner or later...and the realization that her biological clock is ticking...

and like a lot of young female sports stars I feel that her career would probably be over by her mid-late twenties...if not sooner..

So I would leave it up to her.. maybe a nudge here or there to stay on the path...But the first thing Id want to know is...

Are you doing it for the money? or are you doing it to be the best you can be...? if its for the money then she doesnt go pro..
she is really doing bad
yes she shot a 79 yesterday... absolutely horrible ....cant make a cut that way...LOL
she was hoping for a 62 today.........sure laugh.gif
There's a lot of pressure on her to her age she'll feel that pressure more than some of the others I think. There's nothing that will convince me that she is emotionally stable enough to maintain the hectic pace that the tour will require....not to mention the spotlight she'll be facing. Give her a couple of years and she'll be a solid player on tour....right now....her performance will be spotty I think.
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