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Full Version: Trade: BGT Masters of Tiki D and dd316
Collector Zone > Sealed Deals > Completed Transactions
BGT Masters of Tiki D
The TCC Collector Zone Transaction Manager generated the following agreement:

BGT Masters of Tiki D receives:

Montana Dual Gu
Walter Payton Gu

dd316 receives:

Jim Palmer Auto
Rizzuto Auto

Additional notes:

My address, I need yours. And I know everyone can read my addy it doen't bother me.

I think its TCC policy even if you don't care. just a heads up.
QUOTE(dviv17 @ Feb 15 2007, 03:03 PM)
I think its TCC policy even if you don't care. just a heads up.

I'm honestly not sure. I'll PM you my address anyway.

Oh, and trade confirmed. biggrin.gif
Hey ted once you plop his address maybe ya outta edit it out..!!
BGT Masters of Tiki D
ace: Is it that big of a deal? I seriously don't care about my address being posted.
Cards received, thanks! Love the Palmer.

Sorry for the delay, your cards went out this morning: DC# 03063030000290850630
BGT Masters of Tiki D
I got the cads but one problem. I was under the impression and even post that I was supposed to be getting a Walter Payton GU. I opened the package up today and got some insert not a GU card.
I didn't even notice you put GU in the trade post. I know I never specified anywhere that it was a GU. What would you like to do?
BGT Masters of Tiki D
Well I figured out what happened, the scans I looked at in your post were so small that I thought since every other card in the scan was a GU or Auto I thought it was GU. I even put in the post that I was getting HOF Gu. Id have no problem sending the insert back for the cheaper Palmer Auto the Finest.
If you want to do that, that's fine. I just hate giving back this Palmer, it's a beauty! crybaby.gif
BGT Masters of Tiki D
Thats what we are going to have to do because I dont collect base,inserts and although the Walter Payton is nice I have no use for it. Ill send your Payton insert back to you today.
I should be able to send your Palmer back tomorrow.
Got the Payton back yesterday.
BGT Masters of Tiki D
Sorry would have posted but site problems got the Palmer back as well we're good.
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