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Full Version: New Feature: Transactions by Member
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I'm pleased to announce a new feature where each member's completed transactions are broken down by the members they have deal with the most. In addition, a total count of their unique transaction partners is displayed.

To see this new feature, click here for my completed transaction history.

At the bottom of the page, you'll notice the "Transactions by Member" table. In addition to seeing the members that I have dealt with the most, you'll see that my 143 completed transactions involved 96 unique members.

This new feature provides yet another tool for you to quickly and easily review the transaction histories of members that you are considering dealing with.

very cool...always making things more interesting for us Bob
Great feature! I just went and look at all my old transactions, it's fun to see all the old deals!
2000 rushing yards
cool option Bob!!
Great addition to the already stunning amount of info available to collectors here at TCC!!
Wow, pretty scary I have 320 transactions with 163 different members very cool. who is going to be number 164?? laugh.gif
Cool feature. I just need to get that list lengthened laugh.gif
1 have one pending and another will be posted in these days... biggrin.gif
Nice new feature smile.gif
I have transaction with 12 unique people; 2 with Ty (DiaperDandy).
Cool feature very useful.
I like it.
Very nice. Thanks Bob. Question- what makes a trader "unique"? -Vickie
QUOTE(vicsten @ Feb 4 2007, 04:43 AM)
Question- what makes a trader "unique"? -Vickie

Oh, that's a loaded question, but I'll go with the correct response. tongue.gif

Whether you've had 10 or 1 transactions with another member, they will only count as 1 in the unique list. In general, many members would feel better about seeing 20 transactions with 10-15 members instead of 20 transactions with the same 2-3 members. Why? It simply provides a wider sampling of members who were able to successfully complete a transaction with that member.

Please note that the Transactions by Member table now contains an additional column, Percentage. The new column provides the percentage of the member's total completed transactions that have been with the specified member.

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