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Full Version: my first ever NPN
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The Ripper
Never bothered to do these things until this past year. Just seemed to be a waste of time imo, but I received a 2006 Leaf Certified Mirror Blue Jason Witten #`d 01/50. No auto or GU`d, but I was very surprised to get something. Naturally it was from Donruss. I had sent out 3 of them recently just before the holidays. Sent an envelope(1) to each of the major companies(Donruss, Upper Deck and Topps). I had a feeling that Donruss would be the most likely to come through with one. Upper Deck is just a complete ripoff to it`s customers pretty much all around from customer service to their retarded high end products and Topps is totally lame with their odds of pulling anything good from their products. It was a pleasant surprise to see it in my mail box today. Not sure if the other 2 companies will send anything but I highly doubt it. I`d be very surprised if they did. I will be mainly buying only Donruss/Playoff products in the future if I decide to buy anymore cards. I know I will and it will be their products. Screw the other 2. It`s little things like this that make or break companies. Keep the consumers happy and they will come back.
Sweet NPN!! I've got to start doing them.
Nice NPN, btw Topps and Donruss seem to be the ones that send me the most NPNs. Not great cards but an insert for $0.39 is not bad at all.
I've only received back from Topps (only sent off to Topps and Upper Deck).
2000 rushing yards
I've never gotten any good NPN.. Congrats on yours !!
me 2 biggrin.gif
Great NPN. Good luck on the ones to come. biggrin.gif
Nice NPN! Congrats!! biggrin.gif
i've only gotten 1 NPN from UD and it was a 35$ Ben Gorden that I was able to trade for something I wanted, so it does happen, just not too often.

Donruss is the most common one to hear back from.

Congrats on the NPN
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