I am new to non-sport collecting as well as tradingcentral and openchecklist but i do have a few comments and opinions about openchecklist. Please do not take this as me dogging the system because I think it is great and the idea is really good. A few comments:

1) Layout - When you find a Set, for example the A-Team, in the set title the format is: Year SetTitle. My opinion is, it would be better to have these fields separated. I don't know if the database is layed out in such a way that the date is in fact in the same database field as the title. I would guess that separating the date would be more appropriate for database normalization. Anywho, its just a comment as I feel it would be easier to look at when look for titles. Then you would be able to sort by Set names by click on set and it could put them in ascending or descending order or even do more accurate database queries using a separate year field.

2) Checklist submission - I think it would be more appropriate and I don't know if this is in the current system plan, to build a checklist submission into the system and web interface. I will use the A-Team again as an example since I'm a show fan. There is an existing website that has a lot of checklists for the tv / movie cards. It would be great if I could obtain the card numbers from that site (or even my own collection if it wasn't listed anywhere else), card titles and any other relevent information and submit them to OpenChecklist. The submission would go into an administrative queue that would be checked over prior to submitting the data into the production system database. I feel this would allow more people to submit more data to OpenChecklist. As of right now it seems that we would submit them via email. I apologize if the feature already exists. If that is the case please help instruct me on where it is.