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Full Version: kooljazz1966 joins the TCC Collector Zone Team
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It is my pleasure to announce that Ken (kooljazz1966) has joined the TCC Team.

Ken will be a valuable addition as he works with the team to:

1. Further develop and support our Baseball, Basketball and Football forums.

2. Plan and coordinate the annual TCC awards event.

3. Plan and conduct a wide range of contests and giveaways.

4. Increase membership through various promotions and outreach.

5. Provide general assistance and support to members.

6. Maintain a positive, family-friendly tone and environment throughout the Collector Zone.

We're very happy to have Ken join the team. Based on his obvious interest and enthusiasm for the hobby and TCC coupled with his amazing spirit of generosity, we're certain that his addition will lead to further success for TCC and the Collector Zone.

Please help me in welcoming Ken to the team.

hey hey!!!! alright Kenneth! you deserve it man! Bob i think you've picked yet another winner!
Welcome Ken ! smile.gif
Welcome aboard Ken!!
Congrats and welcome aboard!
First I want to thank Bob and the TCC Staff for selecting and extending me an invitation to become a member of The Collector Zone Team. TCC is a great site for people who love the hobby, and enjoy freely sharing similar experiences, knowledge and expertise with others who have a passion for this great hobby.

I look forward to assisting members and guests to the site where needed. My expertise is in the areas of Football, Baseball, and Basketball.

Again, thanks all for the kind words. Let's make 2007 for TCC even better!


Congrats, Ken!! You deserve it man.
Yeah you really deserve it Congrats
Congrats to you, Ken.....very, VERY well-deserved!
Oooh...I noticed something in Bob's post. Point #2 sounds rather exciting!!
QUOTE(ffman @ Dec 27 2006, 03:35 PM)
Oooh...I noticed something in Bob's post.  Point #2 sounds rather exciting!!

It's good to know that someone reads the whole announcement. tongue.gif laugh.gif

QUOTE(bob_TCC @ Dec 27 2006, 02:39 PM)
It's good to know that someone reads the whole announcement.  tongue.gif  laugh.gif


I actually didn't notice it until I read over it again laugh.gif
Congrats Ken!!!

You get to see all the hidden goodies now. (well most of them)
Great addition to the Team.
This one was no surprise! I felt it comming, honestly.

Ken was probably the most deserving of the spot, in my opinion. Congrats Ken!

Point number two of the announcement does sound interesting...
Yay! Congrats, my man!
Thanks you all for the supportive words!
great ken! will be cool to see you as a mod now!
Congrats Ken!!!!!
Wow thats great!!! Congratulations...we have a san antonian as a TEAM LEADER on TCC..yeah!!!
QUOTE(KHarmon @ Dec 27 2006, 04:58 PM)
Congrats Ken!!!!!

Welcome back!
Thanks all, we are not mods here at TCC. We are members just like you. With the same love for the hobby. Egos are left at the door prior to signing on. I am here to assist you if in my means and capability to do so. KHarmon, good to see you on TCC have not seen you on in a while!!

Again, Thanks!

QUOTE(kooljazz1966 @ Dec 27 2006, 05:36 PM)
Thanks all, we are not mods here at TCC.  We are members just like you.


One thing that sets TCC apart right there.....
Congratulations Ken! You deserve it! Look forward to seeing what great ideas you come up with.
WELLL ITS ABOUT TIME! tongue.gif wtg congrats, still lmk on a sidebet
Couldnt think of a better addition to the site!
2000 rushing yards
Awesome Ken!!! COuldn't of picked a better person. I see BOb took my idea on idea #2. Thanks BOb!!
Congrats Ken, you deserve it !!
Congrats Ken! Welcome aboard biggrin.gif smile.gif
QUOTE(2000 rushing yards @ Dec 27 2006, 09:16 PM)
I see BOb took my idea on idea #2. Thanks BOb!!

Ken had suggested similar things in the past as well, so I'm confident that he'll take the idea and turn it into something really cool. cool.gif

Congrats Kool! I'm sure you'll be a great addition to the team. smile.gif

QUOTE(bob_TCC @ Dec 27 2006, 09:41 PM)
Ken had suggested similar things in the past as well, so I'm confident that he'll take the idea and turn it into something really cool.  cool.gif


Ken Welcome to the team !
way to go ken, looking forward to the new additions and contributions from you on the site!
Congrats Ken!
Congrats are deserving of the position...keep up the good work...Frank
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