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Full Version: randallcards joins the TCC Team
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It is my pleasure to announce that Mike (randallcards) has joined the TCC Team.

Mike will be a valuable addition as he works with the team to:

1. Plan and conduct a wide range of contests and giveaways.

2. Increase membership through various promotions and outreach.

3. Provide guidance and feedback on tools for improving collector-to-collector trades and sales.

4. Maintain a positive, family-friendly tone and environment throughout the Collector Zone.

We're very happy to have Mike join the team. Based on his obvious interest and enthusiasm for the hobby, his demonstrated interest in collector-to-collector trades and sales as well as his previous experience on the team at SportsCardSheriff, we're certain that his addition will lead to further success for TCC and the Collector Zone.

Please help me in welcoming Mike to the team.

Congrats, too smile.gif
laugh.gif Wow that took way too long... laugh.gif
QUOTE(aceecards @ Dec 6 2005, 02:19 PM)
laugh.gif Wow that took way too long... laugh.gif

Since the site's going to be here for quite some time, I don't like to rush certain things. wink.gif

Congrads i think hes a great addition!!!
19th Century Indiana Jones
HAZING TIME!!!!! smile.gif
thanks guys and looking forward to that Hazing! laugh.gif
Congrats buddy. I know you'll do a great job. biggrin.gif
Indy is too funny! Welcome to the team. BTW your banner is too big! laugh.gif
Actually since you made the team and want a banner lmk what you want on it and I'll see what I can do!
Pujols/Clarett/Carmelo, see what u can do, thanks George! smile.gif
Ok no football tonight so...should have one by end of the night. I do have one already for you. But I'll have to send that one in a PM!
ok i gotta see this laugh.gif
WoW Bonds awsome banner man thanks! smile.gif
Bob knews he got himself a good marketing tool in me! Glad you liked it.
Now your truely part of the team! IT shows! biggrin.gif
Hey i just added the Banner to my Beckett Sig to show im a Proud Member of the TCC Team wink.gif smile.gif
I'll bet it or you won't stay long! But I have never used the B boards.
Why it dont have a link to TCC i already got suspended twice before when i made links to SCS in the past on beckett in my sig. laugh.gif
hey, congrats randall. hate to spoil the fun, but doesnt SCS disallow modding on other sites if youre already a mod there?
He's banned over there, it does'nt matter
I was never here when Randall was, but I never expected to see a thread like this laugh.gif laugh.gif
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