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Alright, to avoid having a hugh sig. and creat a place where I can describe exactly what i am looking for in trades i will be posting my wants here.

Below is everything i am looking for in trades or purchases:

KEITH VAN HORN - anything and everything card related: will trade or purchase HEAVILY in your favor for older or hard to find cards

Basketball Sets:

96-97 Skybox Autographics
97-98 Skybox Autographics

LMK thanks
How do you spit up your hobby money?!? That's a huge variety of stuff!
HAHA i know, well the first thing i check out either on ebay or card shows or in trades, whatever it may be, is the mike lowell situation and if there isnt anything that really catches my eye or is needed Severly such as a extremely low numbered or hard to find card that isnt WAY over priced, then i tend to split it up amongst the other players. Usually though as of recent Willie parker and hines ward and my steelers collection has been getting alot of love. I tend to more or less do more trades focused towards my basketball PC and the magic.

I have a Big Ben Press Pass RC. lmk if you are interested.
Isn't that alot to collect and keep track of...
Any interest in a Roethlisberger auto'd football or mini helmet?
2000 rushing yards
i'll keep your list in mind!
Thanks guys, pm's have been sent
ive got these redicks:
2006 presspass jj redick RC # OS 25/25
2006 presspass jj redick RC #25

also got a couple more
im sure i have a dup of the 03 avant lowell card if u need it...the base one not the black parallel one..
Chopinalex - I will take it if i can get it LMK what you are looking for

Anyone else i am looking to buy or trade whatever you prefer
Alright i have all my trades and everything caught up and I am looking to break that century mark. Please if you guys have anything let me know i am buying/ trading / even just taking if you looking to get rid of it.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE lmk what you got thanks
i got 3 jj redick's and a presspass big numbers RC big ben f/s plmk how much
arty... what would you want from me to for the DWade redemption auto?.. lmk!
braves - what brands are the redicks

butta- I already sent in the wade so now i am waiting for it to get redeemed
topps, presspass, presspass
hey artyman, check your pm, i wanted to work the primepatches ortiz base into are trade. Thanks
PM's have been sent.

perhaps i will get more PM's if i mention that i am buying as in spending money to get cards of the guys above
Are you still interested in that Carlos Boozer Topps Chrome RC? lmk if you are lmk how much in M.O. you would do. The only thing I saw in your bucket was the McNabb GU.
Looking to buy, I cant stress how much i want to get some deals done. Even if its just base LMK what you have
If you have the time check out my bucket. If you see anything you like lmk via PM.

PM sent
Checking out your bucket, saw a card or 2 I'd be interested in.
I know theres gotta be some base out there somewhere

Arty, I have these cards available:

1998 Bowman Certified Autographs Blue BGS 9.0
1998 Bowman #85 SCDA 10
2005 Topps Chrome 284
2004 Topps Cracker Jack 222

If interested PLMK JAY

PS I collect Jeter, looking for 2003 BOWMAN HERITAGE Diamond Cuts and Signs, and recently cracked some 2006 Bowman Heritage boxes; I would also sell if no trade can be reached
QUOTE(artyman60 @ Nov 24 2006, 01:17 AM)
Alright, to avoid having a hugh sig. and creat a place where I can describe exactly what i am looking for in trades i will be posting my wants here.

Below is everything i am looking for in trades or purchases:

First and Foremost..

Mike Lowell.....Anything and Everything

Next up on my wants are these players

David Ortiz
Jonathan Papelbon
Jason varitek
Ted Williams
Bobby Doerr
Jim Rice
Carlton Fisk

Ben Roethlisberger
Hines Ward
Willie Parker
Troy Polamalu
Joey Porter
Santonio holmes
heath miller
Terry Bradshaw

user posted image

Dwight howard
Jameer Nelson
Grant Hill
J J Redick

user posted image

user posted image
Mardy Collins

Hi - I'm new I have several Heath Miller Rookie Duplicates - what are you looking for.

fast willie
Anyone got anything, I would love to get more trades done
Bump * post what you got
if you wanna buy, i have a ben roethlisberger lucky 13 rc gold metalian bv 50, i will sell you for $27 via paypal?

i also have lots of redsox in my site check it out
How much are you looking for on the papelbon X-fractor?
Hey Arty, update your Baseball wants in the Baseball Player collectors list and I will add them there...
Check out my photobucket and LETS TRADE!!!!
i have a Bowman J.J. Reddick single relic
2004 Topps Total Big Ben RC BV $15
1977 & 1978 Carlton Fisk cards

I know I have some Jim Rice somewhere, and I have some Lowell base I think (maybe a RC too, unless I traded that already).
pm sent
Well i have all my trades updated and I need to start getting some more under my belt that list is there guys let me know what you got and what you want.

I am looking to buy or trade, LMK what you got !!
really want to trade !!! anyone got anything ???
Arty, PM me your addy. I found a Lowell card that you may be interested in and since I'm not allowed to trade, I'll just send it to you since I don't need it. I know you'll appreciate it more than I would.
WOW thanks, addy is on the way !!!
Do you have any Bobby Doerr cards FT? Since he is one of the most famous Oregonians that played baseball (aside from Johnny Pesky, and I already have stuff from him), I wanted to know if you had a cheap card that I could use for TTM.
LETS TRADE TODAY, Base/inserts/GJ/Auto's anything

LMK what you got please
nobody has anything??
I want to hit 200 transactions buy this time next month, LMK what you like in my bucket ***aside from anything in the PC section*** and we will work something out.

thanks, i look forward to LOTS of PM's when i get home from work tomorrow morning
Got a Fisk GU. Check my bucket if you like anything else.
i like your hawk/williams dual auto as well as the jason kidd auto. I have autos of jameer,redick, and foye in my bucket lmk if we can work something out
PM's Sent, Please anyone else.

If there is a player you want LMK and i will put together a lot, or we can do some base for base or inserts WHATEVER !!

LMK, thanks
Feel free to check out my bucket and if you see anything you need PM me. I have a J.Howard gu and D.Howard gu.

I only need 30 more trades to reach 200, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me get there.

I have tons of base cards from all sports, I would really like to move some of it since it is just sitting here collecting dust and im sure there are some members out there who do team collecting or even player collecting and i know i can put together some lots of teams/players to trade for base/Rcs/inserts/#ed cards of the guys i collect

I mean i could do hugh lots for a base card of someone i collect or a #ed card of someone on my list.

I can do a 5 card lebron lot for a base of Dwight howard for example, Please send me lists of players/teams you want and I will get back to asap

I NEED 30 and i know i can find some help to get there

bump, please PM with lists of what you have

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