This will be a working list of my 2014 Allen and Ginter Inserts and Minis. I have most of the base as well but to lazy to list so if you need base, just let me know.


301, 317, 329, 330, 336, 342, 344, 346, 347, 349, 350

Pastime's Pastimes:

Joe Morgan
Willie Mays
Ty Cobb
Lou Brock
Harmon Killebrew
Mark McGwire
Tom Glavine
Rickey Henderson
Ted Williams
Ryan Zimmerman
Freddie Freeman
Paul Goldschmidt
Julio Teheran

Worlds Capitals:

WC-01 Jerusalem, Israel
WC-06 Brasilia, Brazil
WC-07 Washington D.C., USA
WC-14 Tokyo, Japan

Natural Wonder:

MW-01 The Blue Hole
NW-03 Cave of Crystals
NW-04 Iguzau Falls


AGC-05 Hugh Williams: Sole Survivor (x2)
AGC-10 Morgan Robertson: Novels Predict Future Disasters

Fields of Yore:

FOY-03 Griffith Stadium
FOY-07 Tiger Stadium

Air Supremacy:

F-15C Eagle


26, 56, 64, 78, 136, 236, 241, 244, 248, 271, 279,

Mini SP:


Mini A&G Back:

20, 32, 42, 68, 139,

Mini Black Border:


Little Lions Mini:

LL-01 Persian Cat

Outlaws, Bandits, and All-Around Ne'er Do wells Mini:

OBA-05 Juro Janosik
OBA-10 Ishikawa Goemon

Where Nature Ends Mini:

WNE-11 Gilbert Stuart