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Full Version: The OFFICIAL FB Team HOBBY BOX CLUB - June 2013
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Box Selection -

2012 Panini Totally Certified (6 hits)
2012 Upper Deck SP Authentic (3 hits)
2012 Panini Prominence (3 hits)
2013 Press Pass (6 hits)
2013 Press Pass Fanfare (5 hits)

23 hits

This months breaker - WestCoastSkinsFan

PAYPAL address:


Fees are normally $25.

Due to concerns with Paypal and Group Breaks, here is a suggested avenue for describing your payments:

Team Set Builders Dues (June)
Please create a team set and one team set to be determined for me.
Team: YOUR TEAM + 1 team TBD

Please Mention TCC Username

Breaking Date: ???

Draft Order and Results

1. echunks - Philadelphia Eagles
2. Cool Hand Flash - Jacksonville Jaguars
3. pavi39 - Buffalo Bills
4. SchickFaced - Baltimore Ravens
5. Rhody_Red_Pats - Dallas Cowboys
6. WestCoastSkinsFan - Houston Texans
7. 19th Century Indiana Jones - Detroit Lions
8. mattdile3 - Arizona Cardinals
9. Boston5761 - San Diego Chargers
10. alhill37 - Oakland Raiders
11. SuPaDuPa916 - Chicago Bears
12. Takeobeavis - New Orleans Saints
13. thesobons - Tennessee Titans
14. pavi39 (2nd spot) - Carolina Panthers
15. WestCoastSkinsFan (2nd spot) - Kansas City Chiefs
16. echunks (2nd spot) - Atlanta Falcons

Team change requests:


Member Status

Rhody_Red_Pats - PAID
WestCoastSkinsFan - PAID
echunks - PAID
thesobons - PAID
SuPaDuPa916 - Payment arranged
Takeobeavis - PAID
Cool Hand Flash - PAID
alhill37 - PAID
19th Century Indiana Jones - PAID
SchickFaced - PAID
pavi39 - PAID
Boston5761 - PAID
mattdile3 - PAID
echunks (2nd spot) - PAID
WestCoastSkinsFan (2nd spot) - PAID
pavi39 (2nd spot) - PAID


AFC East
Buffalo Bills -
Miami Dolphins - pavi39 (2nd spot)
New England Patriots - Rhody_Red_Pats
New York Jets - echunks (2nd spot)

AFC North
Cincinnati Bengals - 19th Century Indiana Jones

Baltimore Ravens -
Cleveland Browns - takeobeavis
Pittsburgh Steelers - alhill37

AFC South
Indianapolis Colts - Cool Hand Flash

Tennessee Titans -
Houston Texans -
Jacksonville Jaguars -

AFC West
San Diego Chargers -
Denver Broncos - SchickFaced
Kansas City Chiefs -
Oakland Raiders -

NFC East
Dallas Cowboys -
Philadelphia Eagles -
New York Giants - pavi39
Washington Redskins - WestCoastSkinsFan

NFC North
Chicago Bears -
Detroit Lions -
Minnesota Vikings - echunks
Green Bay Packers - thesobons

NFC South
Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Boston5761

Atlanta Falcons -
New Orleans Saints -
Carolina Panthers -

NFC West
St. Louis Rams - WestCoastSkinsFan (2nd slot)
San Francisco 49ers - SuPaDuPa916
Seattle Seahawks - mattdile3

Arizona Cardinals -

16 Members. You pick your team. The 16 remaining teams will be picked by a draft held each month.

Fee is $25 a month. That buys around $350 of hobby boxes each month for us to bust and pays for shipping & supplies.

You get all base, inserts, gu, autos, ect of your teams that is pulled from the boxes.

Multi-team card rules:

1) If a Mulitple player card involves a owned team and a drafted team (s), the owned team gets the card.
2) Multiple player cards go to the member who gets least amount of Autos & Gued from his owned team. Member must own the team that is part of the multiple player card. Only owned teams will be part of the evaluation.
3) Multiple player cards Tie Breaker - Includes owned team serial numbered cards are counted along with the autos & game used cards, from their owned team.

If you fail to pay by the DUE DATE, YOU will not participate in the break. Your team will be sold and your membership forfeited.

If you're interested in changing your owned team, you must do this before the draft. If you change owned teams, you will automatically be put at the bottom of the draft order for the current month.

TRANSACTIONS: Within ONE week prior to our break or soon after the break occurs, our breaker will create transactions for every member involved. Please make sure you confirm/agree on YOUR transaction thread.

FUTURE MEMBERS: Please understand that there is a waiting list. If you would like to add your name to this list, then please contact WestCoastSkinsFan . When a spot is relinquished, the 1st person off of the list is notified. Anyone who can pay the monthly fee can join. We have ZERO restrictions.
We currently have room for up to 3 new participants this month! The following teams are available to new members:

Buffalo Bills
Miami Dolphins
New York Jets
Baltimore Ravens
Tennessee Titans
Houston Texans
Jacksonville Jaguars
San Diego Chargers
Kansas City Chiefs
Oakland Raiders
Dallas Cowboys
Philadelphia Eagles
Chicago Bears
Detroit Lions
Atlanta Falcons
New Orleans Saints
Carolina Panthers
St. Louis Rams
Arizona Cardinals

This is the first time the Bears have EVER been available since the start of the group. Some very good 2013 teams available, and it looks like we'll begin mixing in 2013 products this month.
Box thoughts:

Option 1:

2012 Panini Totally Certified (6 hits)
2012 Upper Deck SP Authentic (3 hits) - $175 for both boxes
2012 Panini Prominence (3 hits) - $65
2013 Press Pass (6 hits)
2013 Press Pass Fanfare (5 hits) - $133 for both boxes

Total: $373 (I'll cover the extra amount), 23 hits

Option 2:

2012 Press Pass Sports Town Blaster CASE (20 autos) - $176
2013 Sage Autographed (24 autos) - $171

Total: $347, 44 hits

Option 3:

2012 Panini Prestige (4 hits) - $94
2012 Topps Valor (4 hits) - $116
2013 Score Jumbo (3 hits) - $87
2013 Leaf Metal Draft (5 hits) - $62

Total: $359, 16 hits
Loving #1, but just saying, I was part of a group break on here with some of the guys from this break in another break and totally certified was pretty awful this year... Our box was horrendous and just the collation/look/quality of it overall was just straight turrible haha..

Last month was a pretty good break, I liked valor and limited a lot... Then again, I would certainly be one to say last month was a good break smile.gif So if you haven't broken any of those or particularly like Limited, Gridiron, crown, or like regular certified, I wouldn't be opposed to switching them for totally certified and voting for that option at all...

Also... I might be willing to take my Jets if no one else wants them... I don't know if there worth the $25 investment just yet, but I'm too big of a die-hard collector to not at least have thought about it, and take them for the sake of filling the break up. Thanks Sam, looking forward to this month.

Matt - Totally Certified is a bit of an up-and-down product for me, too. I've had some good and some bad. The reason I have that one in there specifically is due to a deal they have on DACardWorld, which is for that and SPA for a pretty nice, low price.

Like always, I'm open to another recommendation if you'd like. Just work a specific one up, and I'll post it!
Oh, and before I forget, echunks current has the Jets as a secondary team. If you'd like to work out a deal with him to switch that to your main team, or to take it over as a second team, just let me know. On a related note, I DO have someone on our waiting list for the Seahawks, so if you end up switching to the Jets, we may be able to pick up a new member (which helps to make sure we stick around!)
Matt is more than welcome to have the Jets as his main or secondary team. There are some others our there I would select in place of the Jets. So just let me know what's up.

Oh and I'm in with #3!
Option 1: 1
Option 2: 1
Option 3: 1
In for June
I'm in with Giants again - I'm voting 1.

If someone needs to pick up a second team I am wiling to do that. Just waiting to see if someone new wants to come in first.
In for June and my vote's for #3
I'm going to vote for option 2. The more, the merrier!

Option 1: 2
Option 2: 2
Option 3: 2
I'm gonna hold off on my Jets for now... Thank you echunks, I just am not ready to sell my soul to the devil yet... i have wayyyy too much invested in Mark Sanchez (god bless).... I went crazy in 09 and have multiple 1/1 RC autos, and like 10 of his SPa RPA's in which they were going for around $300 each at the time, and now are worth maybe 10-20% of that.... I don't even know what to do with the collection at this point, but if I start investing in Geno it's basically like I've given up... So seahawks for me at least 1 more month. If echunks doesn't want them however, I might be willing to take them on as a second team, but I'm gonna stay put with the hawks for now.

Oh and option 1 please
In and #3
in for this month
19th Century Indiana Jones
In. And I vote for D.
In.....I dig 3......also would be game for 2nd slot this month if needed.....would nab Bills.....just let me know......boom
Option 1: 2
Option 2: 2
Option 3: 4
Paid up Sam
Keep voting, folks! I'll be back in town shortly. We'll finalize things shortly after!
Option 1
I like 1

I'm in with packers. Will send $ before I leave on 7th for 2 weeks
Option 1: 4
Option 2: 2
Option 3: 4
So if you'd like an extra slot, please post! Let me know the teams you'd like in order of preference. We need to fill that last spot soon.

Right now, our want list is:

pavi39 - Jets, Dolphins, Bills

New members, we'd also love to have you! Now is a GREAT time to lock in a god team for 2013 for whatever length of time you'd like.
SuPa texted me his vote for option 3. That puts us at...

Option 1: 4
Option 2: 2
Option 3: 5

Two votes to go, unless we get a new member.
19th Century Indiana Jones
Option 1
Oooh... now things get interesting. One vote to go, unless we have a new member.

Option 1: 5
Option 2: 2
Option 3: 5
my vote is for option 1
Option 1 it is! Thanks for the votes, guys. Always fun when it's quite so close.
Since pavi39 is the only person in the past few weeks to indicate interest in a second slot, it's all his. He's picking up the Dolphins!
Hey Sam.....indicated in my first post that i'd be game for a 2nd slot if needed. guess ya missed worries....maybe another month
Schickfaced - My apologies! Let me PM Pavi39 and see if we can work that out for you.
Okay, let's try this again! Doing the standard triple-random to see if it's Schickfaced or pavi39 with the extra spot. Randoms coming up soon!
1st random:

There were 2 items in your list. Here they are in random order:


Timestamp: 2013-06-09 16:12:31 UTC
2nd random:

There were 2 items in your list. Here they are in random order:


Timestamp: 2013-06-09 16:12:46 UTC

You have randomized this list 2 times.
3rd and final:

There were 2 items in your list. Here they are in random order:


Timestamp: 2013-06-09 16:13:02 UTC

You have randomized this list 3 times.
So it looks like things remain as they stand, but thank you for bringing it to my attention, sir! Could have easily gone either way.
all good sir. Thanks!
payment sent
alhill37 - Thank you, sir!

Keep the payments coming, folks. The due date is 6/14 and boxes are on the way!
Payment sent.

Sam - I know that you usually print the labels through PayPal, but just in case - note that my shipping address has changed this month.

Rhody - Got it, and thank you for the heads up!
19th Century Indiana Jones
Payment has been sent.
QUOTE(19th Century Indiana Jones @ Jun 12 2013, 07:46 PM)
Payment has been sent.

MooCow thanks you for your tribute.
Payment sent.
If anyone is interested in either of our two unpaid slots, let me know. I'll random them off to interested parties for $25 a piece if they're not paid for by the end of today.

I'll put my name in the hait for either
user posted image

Boxes are IN! Lets get these last teams paid for and get to drafting!
Heard from Boston5761, and he's still in. Waiting for mattdile3 still.

I'll wait until the end of today to make a call, so if anyone else is interested in his slot, please post and let me know!
Sorry, been busy the past couple days, payment being sent now....
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