Just saw this from Topps-

2013 Bowman Baseball Streets in 8 Days - HOLD ONTO THOSE WRAPPERS!

Surfs up, the Blue Waves are coming. We are proud to announce the 2013 Bowman Baseball Wrapper Redemption program. Turn in your 2013 Bowman wrappers for an exclusive set of Bowman Blue Wave Parallels. Collectors sending in 24 Hobby wrappers (or 10 HTA Jumbo wrappers) of 2013 Bowman Baseball will receive a 5-card pack of beautiful Blue Wave Parallels. Some lucky collectors may find special autograph cards featuring top prospects in these packs.

Please note, there is a 10-pack limit per household. All wrappers MUST BE SENT ALL TOGETHER IN ONE PACKAGE at ONE TIME. Duplicate packages from the same household will not be accepted. Any packages postmarked earlier than May 8th, 2013, the official street date, will not be accepted. Topps will fulfill all wrappers submitted until supplies last. Topps reserves the right to reject any and all submissions at their own discretion.

Wrappers should be sent to:

Bowman Blue Wave Redemption
PO Box 2008
Duryea, PA 18642