Yaz Stamp/Pants Relics Swatch 34/34
Feller Stadium Relics Mini
Gibson/Hicks SP SP'd Dual Autographs Prospects XRCs **Bible Verse**
2009 MLB The Show 09 PS3 BluRay Playstation Game

Looking for Rare Low #ed Deceased maybe some alive HITS.

Would love semi nice HOF cut for Musial..

4x6 Postcard Stan Musial Signed Autograph w Musial Coa on back of postcard came with bent corner. still htg

user posted image
user posted image

Slightly bent Corner
Musial Coa on back

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image
34/34 Yaz Stamp/Pants

user posted image
PS3 BluRay Playstation 3 Game MLB The Show

Collecting HOFers in MLB too.

Looking for Lions for Buddy - Team - PC Traders Pal of mine!

Looking for 2013 NCAA low #ed & Hits

Especially Star Lotulelei ..