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Full Version: 06-07 Trademark Moves
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I found 2 boxes of this when I was in Florida last summer but didn't have the money to buy them so I had my brother pick them up for me last week when he was there last week. I'm still looking for the 2 of 3 Iverson red wood auto. I have the other 2 but this one has eluded me. I will be busting both boxes later tonight!
Good luck
Let's get this started!

Pack 1: J-Rich, Manu, Gervin, Thabo SWISH and Rodman Wood #ed to 75.

Pack 2: Big O, McGrady, Hinrich, Melo SWISH and Baron Foil 2d to 299.

Pack 3: Miller, Brand, Webster, Camby and Iverson Dish.

Pack 4: Nique, Marbury,Nelson, Jefferson and Gordon SWISH Rainbow Foil 2d to 149.

Pack 5: Carter, Malone, Harrington, Villanueva and Smith Dunk.

Pack 6: Bibby, Kareem, Smush, Dirk Foil 2d to 299 and Foye Swish Auto #ed to 149.
Pack 7: Iguodala, Walton, Baron, Bibby Redwood 2d to 35 and Rondo RC auto #ed to 149.

Pack 8: Miller, Miller, Cheeks, Jefferson and Paul Davis RC auto #ed to 149.

Pack 9: Granger, Bosh, Parker, dirk and Mike James Swish.

Pack 10: Chandler, Barbosa, Melo, Rodman and Okafor Foil Dunk Auto #ed to 35.

Pack 11: Iverson, Nash, Odom, Camby Rainbow Foil #ed to 149 and Luke Dish Rainbow Foil #ed to 149.

Pack 12: Johnson, Monroe, Marion, Melo Rainbow Foil #ed to 149 and Shaq Dunk.
Sweet looking break so far nice Rondo auto.
Pack 13: Moses, Deron, Walker, Okafor and West Dish.

Pack 14: Yao, Barry, Wade, Wilt and Smith DUNK.

Pack 15: Randolph, Claxton, Bird, Frye and Barry Swish.

Pack 16: Clyde, Frazier, Felton, Farmar Dish and Kobe Foil #ed to 299.

Pack 17: Bron, Peja, Pierce, Howard Foil #ed to 299 and Carter Dunk Foil #ed to 299.

Pack 18: Butler, Webb, KG, Thomas and Harris Swish.
Box 2!!!

Pack 1: Marbury, Nelson, Barbosa, Bosh Rainbow #ed to 149 and Childress Dunk.

Pack 2: Odom, Yao, Bibby, Kareem and Bogut Dunk Wood #ed to 75.

Pack 3: Randolph, Claxton, Maggette, Terry and Mike James Swish.

Pack 4: Redd, Artest, Felton, Cheeks and Nelson Dish.

Pack 5: Jefferson, Richardson, Arenas, Gordon and Wallace Dunk.

Pack 6: Duncan, Davis, Barry, Harrington Foil #ed to 299 and Gordon Swish Foil #ed to 299.
Pack 7: KG, Thomas, Shaq, Kidd and Blalock RC Rainbow Foil #ed to 35.

Pack 8: Iverson, Nash, Butler, Parker Dish and Melo Foil #ed to 299.

Pack 9: Wade, Wilt, Webb, Webster and JR Smith Rainbow Auto #ed to 35.

Pack 10: Amare, Miller, Brand, Bargnani Swish and Peja Foil #ed to 299.

Pack 11: Bird, Frye, Camby, Morrison Swish and Bol Wood #ed to 75.

Pack 12: Harrington, Villanueva, Cassell, Granger and Villanueva Auto #ed to 149.
Pack 13: Drexler, Frazier, Carter, Malone and Okafor Rainbow #ed to 149.

Pack 14: Miller, Miller, Davis, Villanueva Foil #ed to 299 and Tony Parker Rainbow Auto Redemption. Talk about a major bummer there.

Pack 15: Hinrich, Chandler, Manu, Gervin and Webster Swish.

Pack 16: Iggy, Walton, Bosh, Moses Rainbow #ed to 149 and Dee Brown Rainbow Dish #ed to 149.

Pack 17: Marion, Moses, Oscar, McGrady and Armstrong Dunk.

Pack 18: Deron, Pierce, Melo, Rodman and Gordon Swish.

VERY disappointed I didn't get my Iverson Red Wood auto. Where could it be?
Sorry about the Parker Redemption. Rondo auto and Jr Smith auto are nice though. I actually like this set even though there are way too many parallels.
I had an expired Parker AU Redeption not that long ago too (Different Product).. It #####!!

Very Nice Rondo!!, JR Smith is a nice one as well
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