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Full Version: "UnLucky" 1 of 1 Hit!!
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Hey all i'm sure u all know about the Andrew Luck 1/1 Contenders AUTO RC "selling" for over $40k but did you hear that he didn't get paid? What are your thoughts?
This is why Ebay has a "Second offer" available. I'm not sure of the exact procedure but I think the seller first has to submit a "non-paying bidder" claim before they get the option.

On the other hand if you feel that the card (or whatever you are trying to sell) is THAT HOT Ebay is not really the venue to sell it at. Then a real life auction house is the way to go, but Ebay is the easiest to use.
Wow, eBay and a bad experience. Who would have guessed it?
That doesn't surprise me that this happened, I had it happen to me back in 2004, however it worked out as I found someone offline who bought the card for more and I ended up not paying any fees. Of course that doesn't happen to often as it seems everyone buying offline is either looking to flip for a profit or wants it cheaper than ebay. It is too bad for that seller that ebay will not do anything and that he will likely sell that card for a lot less than the original sale.
Man I get upset when I sell a card for $5 and the guy doesn't pay. I couldn't imagine going the emotions going on when he read the email saying it was the guys kids.
QUOTE(Boston5761 @ Mar 2 2013, 11:19 AM)
Wow, eBay and a bad experience. Who would have guessed it?

I have found Ebay to be a wonderful experience, but that was about 4 years ago. Since then, they have tilted the odds way in the favor of the buyers. I find this comical because, on average, the sellers are fairly responsible with their business practices due to the rating system (of course, not always). Then Ebay takes away the buyer feedback. Then they make it to where the buyer doesn't pay and nothing is really done. There's not even a visible record (that I know of) of how many times they didn't pay. They allow new buyers to leave negative feedback over insignificant problems. Ebay has left a bad taste in the average part-time sellers mouth and this will probably be their undoing in the long run. I only sell from time to time now because I'd rather not waste my time just trying to get my seller's fee back. I'm happy the Luck Contenders did actually sell. 40 G's is a hard pill to swallow. cool.gif
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