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Full Version: Ipad Checklist App?
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So my Red Sox and Bruins team collections are large enough that when I go to a card shop or shop online I cannot remember what I have and what I don't. I used to use Beckett to track my collection but I see they are holding my online database hostage for money. smile.gif

That made me realize I need something else to track my collection and got me to thinking what if there was an Ipad app to track your collection since I could take my Ipad with me anywhere easily to check when I needed to. I searched for an app but I had luck. I tried checking into using an excel like app also but it proved too difficult to manage.

So my questions...

Is there an Ipad trading card checklist app that I couldn't find?

What about an excel like app?

What does everyone else use for tracking their collection?

To help understand the size collection I need to manage, my Red Sox collection is about 15,000 cards and my Bruins collection is about 2,500. Any points/tips/recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!! smile.gif

I see a lot of people with notebooks of what they have or need for sets, however that is a manual process. I tried using Excel for some stuff, but my problem was I would forget to update it as I rarely got into excel for my home use.

I also started a little bit of my stuff on, but I have not kept up with that site. They did not charge fees, but not sure how up to date that site is or if they now charge fees.
OpenChecklist is still around at

We update sets as they are released, but there are some gaps of data still missing between 2005 and 2012. The larger gaps center around football and basketball.

We're always on the lookout for volunteers to help us fill in those gaps or experts in a subject to take over management of that subject.

There a feedback system in place so users can alert admins to a problem, or a missing set. Registered users can even make simple edits like correcting a set name, or a mis-spelled players name.

How much do we charge for all of this? Zero.
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