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Full Version: Boxbreakers February Ultra High End Group Break
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Welcome back as we roll out the newly transformed Ultra High End Group Break. We continue our 6th year together and after taking a couple months off we are back for another break with our new format. I have the proposed product list below. Let me know as soon as possible if you are dropping or changing teams so I can keep the list accurate. Note also that if you are interested in joining but your team shows as claimed or the change in team fee is a bit too much just let me know as we may have an opening in our "High End 2" group for you as that stayed $115 per team. I set the product list for a budget of filling 19 teams so we will hopefully not have to cut anything and can hopefully add to the list!

Cost: $200 ($197 for each additional) Draft Slots: $60
Payment Due Date: February 20th
Break Date: February 27th

Please remember Paypal will no longer be accepted. Please send Money Order or cashiers check to;
Chris Palmieri
1549 Sussex Place
Shakopee, MN 55379

Product list: (Based on 19 teams filled + 12 drafted)
2012 Black Case (5 Boxes)
2011 Five Star Case (3 Boxes)
2010 National Treasures Case (4 Boxes)
2007 Exquisite (2 Boxes)

Participant List:

49ers - KPit1978 ---------------------- PAID
Bears -
Bengals - 19th Century Indy
Bills -
Broncos - 11Eleven11 ---------------- PAID
Browns - Crpalmi ---------------------- PAID
Buccaneers - Dvashun
Cardinals -
Chargers - FrankieFBCards ---------- PAID
Chiefs - JoelWil
Colts - Crpalmi ------------------------ PAID
Cowboys - 11Eleven11---------------- PAID
Dolphins - 11Eleven11 ---------------- PAID
Eagles -
Falcons -
Giants -
Jaguars -
Jets - BobKoning ---------------------- PAID
Lions - Yzerisdaman ------------------ PAID
Packers - Po10sho
Panthers - Yankees0301 ------------- PAID
Patriots - BobKoning ----------------- PAID
Raiders -
Rams - Cardman123 ----------------- PAID
Ravens -
Redskins - BobKoning ---------------- PAID
Saints -
Seahawks - Deantap
Steelers -
Texans -
Titans -
Vikings - Quik59sat (on loan from Booth9919) - PAID

Draft Slots for Unclaimed Teams;
In with the Rams and a draft slot.
19th Century Indiana Jones
As soon as I sign this contract with the Devil I am in..... smile.gif

It seems like yesterday we just did this.....
QUOTE(19th Century Indiana Jones @ Feb 10 2013, 05:32 PM)
As soon as I sign this contract with the Devil I am in.....  smile.gif


indy , DONT WORRY ...YOURE IN !!!!

I M IN ALSO tongue.gif
QUOTE(11eleven11 @ Feb 4 2013, 11:24 PM)
Payment sent for The Ultra High End Football Group break  biggrin.gif 

QUOTE(11eleven11 @ Feb 12 2013, 12:17 PM)


Thanks, just received it last night!
Payment incoming. Can I take a draft spot also?
QUOTE(quik59sat @ Feb 12 2013, 12:52 PM)
Payment incoming. Can I take a draft spot also?

You got it!
Payment sent for Rams & draft spot
In with draft slot.
paid for both group breaks
Draft spot please.
Chris - i will have to bow out of this break (after al that time waiting on the Steelers). Maybe later on this year.. Thanks!
Hey Chris, I'll take another draft spot. Do you think we'll be breaking this week?
QUOTE(quik59sat @ Feb 25 2013, 03:33 PM)
Hey Chris, I'll take another draft spot. Do you think we'll be breaking this week?

Thanks! We will break this week although I will most likely have to push it back to Saturday. I'll get a note out to everyone with the details by tonight.
Sorry guys...this break has been moved. I apologize about the last minute switch but you have all been communicated via email to explain the change. Thanks for understanding!
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