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Full Version: Card pack tampering story
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This was a story the Cleveland CBS affilliate ran after the Super has happened to me at local Walmarts....just thought it was good to pass along...
That is messed up. It is ashame they don't have cameras in those areas or track them somehow. What jerks! I hope they catch these people, but somehow I don't think they ever will as the store don't seem to care.
That really stinks.

In the 1980s when I worked in a toy store we sold trading cards. At that time this type of pack swapping wasn't an issue because they hadn't come up with the GU and Relic cards yet, some Chrome and Hologram cards were about in the 80s but these $100+ BV cards weren't. The biggest problem we had other than the packs getting ripped off on occasion, was a sort of mini pack searching the thieves (I assume punk teens) would take the packs to another isle open the pack take what they wanted an leave the opened pack and left-overs on a shelf, usually they would attempt to "hide" them behind some other toy, or stuffed in the plush animals isle. These things would eventually be found by the employees when we would "straighten" the isles during the busy work down-time.
Having bought 2 re-sealed blasters, they looked & felt mint, proper shrink wrap, etc... This stings!
The more I see this, I think it's resealed earlier than @retail, as buy & return.

Distribution lines are being abused at every stop. From weighing, sequencing, to who knows what, they have probably deciphered the product codes.

Anywhere there's money-profit there will be *Scum*
no matter how small it taints.
I am not sure why people even buy cards at walmart or places like that anymore. This is even worse. But all those packs have been picked over and searched anyway. I see people in the isles at the local walmarts here all the time searching the packs. It has been at least a year since I opened a pack. And you might think buying at the LCS would be better (most times it is) but there are dealers that do the same thing. That is the world we live in though. When you can buy a $5 pack of cards and pull a $1,000+ card, there is bound to be some shadiness somewhere.

And try to take those back and tell them those junk cards was in there! You would get something like yea and im a millionaire and I just work here for fun. huh.gif
I wish I could say I can't believe someone did that. That is horrible. Wouldn't that be considered Retail fraud? They should look up the names of people who have returned cards and have the police talk to them. That is assuming they took the names of the people returning the iems I know they do around where I live at.
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