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Full Version: TCC Store in Michigan
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I'm looking for thoughts and opinions and a greenlight approval from the TCC Team to open a store in Warren Michigan. At 9 mile and Ryan.
I will br meeting with two people this weekend, one is a dealer in Michigan that sells Boxes to Target and Walmart, the other is a store owner that needs a helping hand with his just starting out LCS!
I'm gonna invest my own money and time in this project and hope to expand TCC!

Any thoughts would be helpful and help from members who want in on this would be great!
Nobody on the Team has rights to the name, so can't get a "greenlight" from any of us as no authority and could potentially be a lawsuit if name is copyrighted. Only Bob could do that and he hasn't been here in years. You could get permission to plug your store/site but that would be about it. Also with the current state of things here personally connecting the two would probably be more harmful to you than good. Not sure who is left on the Team that is active and can approve new accounts, but being our "newest member" is from August and they were a spammer that has been shut off, the list of ones in cue for approval is huge from what I hear and the chaff is a huge percentage compared to the real/viable folks in cue. Trying to promote the site is admirable, but getting folks to join a site they can't access easily won't score you any points with them and could do more harm than good. Small shops already have things stacked against them as they can't compete with the big boys, and starting up a new one will be a big money pit with worse odds than an existing one in staying afloat for any length of time. Don't know what it is like in MI far as shows or flea markets go (isn't squat in Oregon except maybe Portland), but may have better odds with that and Internet than a "brick and mortar" store as less overhead involved.
Not trying to be negative, just my point of view with current state of the site and the Hobby.
Thanks for the input Dwight, I knew copyright would be a big issue and was leaning toward a Store/site thing, and yes new members not being able to log in, which 10 people I know wasn't able to join the site from Michigan and New Jersey, that really needs to be fixed.
There is not a card store in my area, used to be one every other mile road, but that was the 90s
I would like to start one with TCCs site as if you came in the store looking for a card I can find it for you in store or on TCC site, Boxes for the Box Breaks direct at wholesale, Group Grading Service at BGS, PSA etc.
I'm willing to try anything to get this site moving, There has to be someone here that can get ahold of Bob or anyone to approve this and fix the new members thing.

This is a long shot but worth a try as a few members in Jackson did a show in TCCs name
Paul, I have not spoken to/emailed Bob in a long while. You could try to email him via his member account at bob_TCC and see if you get anything. I am not sure that it even works, is still the same, or if he will reply.

I tend to agree with Dwight that the hobby just isn't what it used to be. Also if there are new members who have not been approved that furthers the justification for not using TCC. There are plenty of good members here, but with no new blood, kind of limiting your marketability. Beyond that card stores - brick and mortar can take their toll on the pocket book, I have seen many close locally in the last few years just due to the lack of interest. Kids today would rather spend their money on video games than cardboard, maybe not all of them, but I think the greater percentage would.
Guess your right, thought it would be a great place across from my son's high school, I will try Bobs email anyway and just maybe he will respond to it

But the idea of it still sounds good even if I go another route to lure members back to TCC!
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