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does anyone know of the 2012 Topps Chrome football short prints? i got a mark barron AUTO, NOT THE REDEMPTION...

I KNOW ITS VERY SMALL AMOUNT just trying to figure it out
Do you want pictures of the short prints? The amount of the print runs? I'm not quite sure what you're asking.
QUOTE(WestCoastSkinsFan @ Jan 23 2013, 04:11 PM)
Do you want pictures of the short prints? The amount of the print runs? I'm not quite sure what you're asking.

I think he is asking for the BV of his regular Non-Redemption Mark Barron Auto.

Is that what you are asking for? The BV of your regular Mark Barron Auto? (Non-Redemption)
no what is the short print numbered to? it is NOT listed and it was only ACTUALLY printed a handful of times...

there has only been less than 10 ebay
Do you have a picture of this? I think I have the answer for you, but from just a bit of research, I don't think you're going to be too pleased.

From the looks of things, this isn't a short print. At least, it isn't yet. Some players just don't return all of their autos right off of the bat. My guess is that Mark Barron returned some of his sticker autos, but not all of them. This HAS happened before, so it's not entirely unheard of. So Topps produced some, packed them out live, and the rest were inserted as redemptions. If this is some sort of short print, Beckett hasn't caught wind of it yet, and they're generally pretty good about this. They have it just listed as his standard auto, BV 25. And they do have it listed as live, not a redemption.

If this is the case, the strange thing is this: for NOW, the redemptions are actually worth more. Topps is offering Blue Wave redemption packs with each redemption. That includes potential autos of Alfred Morris, so people are actually paying more for the redemptions than the live cards.

I think that the only way that this particular card ends up being something special is if there's something about it that I'm not initially seeing, OR if Topps can't produce the redemptions. That would mean that the cards that are live now end up as the only autos. But, if he's already been signing, I just don't see it happening.
well ive been notified by a member of the TOPPS team that says "its is the short print, variation, refractor autograph of Mark Barron, however, the card is not numbered and does not say refractor on the back. It wont be until he signs the rest"

not to mention its ONLY in retail packs, NOT in hobby...and we all know how hard it is to pull stuff in retail

im trying to find the message right now.

but regardless if you go on ebay and look it up theres is only 2-3 listed (1 is mine) and if u look at completed listings there are only a handful and TONS of redemptions......idk how else to say that something is a short print
QUOTE(crippy @ Jan 24 2013, 12:11 PM)
not to mention its ONLY in retail packs, NOT in hobby...and we all know how hard it is to pull stuff in retail

I could be wrong but I thought the odds were 1 auto per box in both Hobby and Retail on the Chrome Football products, at least they used to be.

Yeah, Chrome autos aren't the toughest hits in the world, even out of retail.

Like I said before, do you have a picture of this? I think I saw yours on eBay when I was researching it, and in all honesty, it looks exactly like the other 20 or so that I saw from completed auctions. I don't believe it's a refractor, nor does it appear to be any sort of variation other than being an auto. All of the autos are the same picture/pose as each other, and it's the same picture/pose as his base rookie.

I mentioned this previously, but this isn't the first time that a company has released some (but not all) of a card due to autos not being completed. I believe that you have the exact same card that others are going to get from redemptions. I think you just ended up talking to a Topps employee who didn't quite understand what you were asking, or may just not have known the product exceedingly well.
To answer your question.. there are 25 total variation autographs that feature a different pose, and a sticker. However Mark Barron is not a variation. Your card is the same as those redemptions, some were live some were not, due to some players being unable to sign on card autographs they included sticker autographs.

If you're going to come ask TCC a question and then just tell us we're wrong, why bother to ask a question?

That does not look like a refractor. None of the other ones on eBay look like refractors. They just look like base autos, which I believe this is.

I think you have to consider that the Topps employee might not have known what he is talking about. Stop for a moment and compare this to other autos in the set. How is this different from them? How is it a "variation"? Just because some of the autos are live and some are not does not make it a short print.
I read what the employee said. But it's also not a refractor.

Here's what I would call it, which is what I've been calling it all along: a card that has both a live version, and a redemption for the same card when stickers come in.

I think this is what they thought they were talking about. Look at these Trent Richardson autos:

Base auto, on-card signature:

Variation pose auto, sticker auto:

As someone else mentioned, 25 subjects have pose variations, and the auto versions have pose variations as well. It appears that they are in fact sticker autos and refractors.

BUT... Mark Barron does not have any pose variations. They are all the same pose. The auto is also the same pose. it looks like they just assumed that this was another one that had a variation.
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