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Full Version: What sports cards would you buy with $100?
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If I gave you $100 what sports cards would you buy with it?

Stuff for your PC?

Gifts for others?

Inventory for resale?

Spend it online, LCS or card show?
I would get something decent to eat. Maybe Texas Roadhouse (had that tonight). About $30ish range. I love to eat lol. And the rest I would try to find a nice higherend Edgerrin that I need. And I guess it would deppend when you gave it to me. If I was broke I might save most of it, if I had extra money and everything was took care of I might spend it all on Edgerrin stuff. So. And where I would spend it doesn't matter to me, just where ever I can find the next Edge I need.

But thats what I might do.
I would probably browse eBay for some good buys for my Mantle collection (or cheap HOFer/star RCs/vintage/autographs).

a bunch of PC stuff.

I could almost get one of those super short print Bryce Harper 2012 Topps Archive cards, If I could talk the seller down from whatever obnoxiously supergreedyoverpricedforseveralhundreds price they were asking for.

NOTE: personally I don't like paying more than $30 maybe $40 tops for a single card.
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