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Full Version: Do you use COMC? For what purposes?
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Do you use Check Out My Collectibles? Do you buy, consign, flip?

What are your thoughts?
I buy on there only for now. I have yet to have my order shipped though. I just keep adding to it.

I do wish I could learn how to flip on there though. But I don't follow real well with whos hot and in and who is not. And whats a good value and not. I do check when people list port sales but they never seem like real good deals to me. I know I good deal when I see one, but most times those ports people are trying to sell off just look like the left overs they cant seem to sell. And most times they want more then they are worth. And when there is a decent looking port its a ton of cards and I have no way of knowing if I buy it all could a make some coin on it or lose my shirt. Because its not always about the big cards. Sometimes you can make more on 500 little $0.50 cards then you could on 1 $200 card. So you have to know whats good in the lot and whats not and so on.

I also know there is some big money in hockey if you know the cards, players, sets etc. Which I know nothing about unless its the really really big names. And that just obvious though. If its a Crosby/Gretzky dual auto 1/1 logoman from the Cup then its worth big money. But beond that I know about 0.00001% about hockey stuff.

Also I wish they would change the offer percentage you can send. Right now its 50% offer. A lot of people do price stuff very fair or great deals. But some people think there Edgerrin James base card is made of gold. And at 50% its still way to high. If it bookes $10 and honestly I wouldn't pay more the $3-4 and they have it priced at $30 what can I do with that???

I also don't like those sellers that price something for $10 and you offer them $7 and they just auto decline any offer. Its like why have offers? You could offer them 9.99 and they will decline it lol.

I also wish you could see what a card sold for. It will show sold if its on you watch list but how much??

And then there is the S&H. For just my order right now if I add nothing else will cost me about $60 just for S&H. I know they charge like the packing fee. But there has to be someway to cut some or all of that out. I know they are already making a killing on the processing fee alone. And then the pulling fee. And then 20% cashout fee. They are slowly becoming like ebay. The more fees sellers pay, the more they charge buyers, the less buyers buy, and you start to see decline in the site. And now with the new site they are just "hiding" the fee. As all card have a $0.25 added onto the price. Which you used to pay $0.15 per card on the S&H if you used bulk. So you are actually paying $0.10 more now per card. But they are trying to make it look like its a great deal now. But its actually a rip off. lol

I do like the site overall but there are a lot of things I would do differently if it was me. I have thought of trying to start up a business basically doing the same thing and just fixing everything they do wrong. And making everything they do right somehow better. But getting started is the hardest part. Telling people to ship you a box of there cards for you to store I just don't see going so well in the beginning, once you are rolling like they are its no big deal. One of the hardest things I have going against me is I am good with computers overall, but when it comes to building a webstie and working on it and code and all that im kinda lost. And I know that is a big part of running a site like that.

But that is kinda my thoughts. This is the short version!! laugh.gif laugh.gif tongue.gif
They have super high fees from what I remember..i'm c hecking out sellmycardsonline and i'm trying to unload what i have now on the cheapest/highest traffic site I can find.
I purchase my 264s and set needs that I can find there. S&H is just $3.00, so I tend to purchase multiples if I can. Found a mother lode of 264s the other day, albeit "variants".

Sometimes you can find special serial #d items for friends.....btw Jason (edgerrin32) is your addy correct here on TCC?
I just checked my profile. Looks like it is if thats what you was looking at? I can PM it to you.

Also on the topic. The S&H I guess at $0.25 is not really bad if you buy $20-$100 cards. But like me buying $0.25-$1 base cards, that extra quarter is a lot. And when you buy 400 cards lol. And still have several to still buy. Its not a lot 1-2 times but when you get hit with it like I said around 400 times (cards in my acct) thats a heavy chunk! huh.gif

Just think if I didn't pay that $0.25 I could buy another $0.25 card I need! Believe it or not there are still some cheap base/common type cards I need. Just not a ton, but hear and there I find a couple I need. But even if its a $2.50 card I buy, thats still a 10% increase. So it does add up.

I have thought about selling some stuff on there I don't collect anymore. But knowing what will sell is kinda a hard thing for me. I have some nicer cards if you look back 5-10 years ago, now im not sure people would want them. And i know they are worth a lot less now. And its hard to sell something for half or less of what I paid. Some way less then that. And I have to know that they will sell for more then it cost to send them in or I just end up losing! lol And thats just not smart business. wink.gif
QUOTE(road_runner_1964 @ Jan 13 2013, 09:04 PM)
I purchase my 264s and set needs that I can find there.  S&H is just $3.00, so I tend to purchase multiples if I can.  Found a mother lode of 264s the other day, albeit "variants".

Sometimes you can find special serial #d items for friends.....btw Jason (edgerrin32) is your addy correct here on TCC?

Also Bob not sure if you knew about the extra S&H. Its only $3 for shipping now, but they add on $0.25 to the price of each card a seller has and thats the hidden fee. Like I said it not to bad if you are buying bigger cards or only a couple. But like me with the around 400 cards in my buying acct, thats a lot of quarters!!! ohmy.gif
I think its a great site to buy from to fill your player/team set needs.

The fees don't bother me because I know how much of a hassle it is to scan a card and having to ship it. I have been experimenting lately with flipping. I have no prior experience or education on the art. Mostly just trying it out to see if anything sells. Out of the 20 or so cards I have bought 3 have sold for profit. Right now I'm gathering a stockpile of cards to send in. They charge a 1 cent storage fee for any cards listed at more than 75 cents. So I thought maybe I could send them all my cards that would sell for no more than 75 cents and they do all the work. All I would have to do is respond to offers.
I bought from there when they had their Black Friday weekend sale. Free shipping if you purchased more than 10 cards plus there were discounts on a number of cards. I managed to complete some of my sets that I only need a few cards and was having difficulty trading for. Picked up some other cards for sets that were at an excellent price.

What I liked about the site is that they show you a picture of the actual card. There is also price comparison so you can choose which seller to purchase from. There was also good communication - they e-mailed me when my card package was mailed.
I thought that the base cards were overpriced. I think that they start at 25 cents. I think that almost my entire order was insert cards because of this. Some of the inserts were also overpriced but I bought the cards just to complete the sets.

Assuming that they have the same sale next Black Friday, I'll use it again. But this time I'll do some research beforehand so I'll be better prepared.
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