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Full Version: THE OFFICIAL FB Team HOBBY BOX CLUB - November '12
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Box Selection -

2006 Mystery Box
2007 Mystery Box
2007 Mystery Box
2008 Mystery Box
2009 Mystery Box
2012 Mystery Box
2012 Mystery Box
2012 Mystery Box x2

This months breaker - WestCoastSkinsFan

PAYPAL address:


Fees are normally $25.

Due to concerns with Paypal and Group Breaks, here is a suggested avenue for describing your payments:

Team Set Builders Dues (November)
Please create a team set and one team set to be determined for me.
Team: YOUR TEAM + 1 team TBD

Please Mention TCC Username

Breaking Date: ???

Draft Order and Results

1. SchickFaced - Detroit Lions
2. SuPaDuPa916 - Tampa Bay Buccaneers
3. pavi39 - Oakland Raiders
4. 19th Century Indiana Jones (2nd slot) - Dallas Cowboys
5. bajmurray - Tennessee Titans
6. WestCoastSkinsFan (2nd slot) - St. Louis Rams
7. 19th Century Indiana Jones - Carolina Panthers
8. flea - Baltimore Ravens
9. Takeobeavis - New Orleans Saints
10. alhill37 - Atlanta Falcons
11. Takeobeavis (2nd slot) - San Diego Chargers
12. Rhody_Red_Pats - Houston Texans
13. WestCoastSkinsFan - Buffalo Bills
14. thesobons - New York Jets
15. Cool Hand Flash - Arizona Cardinals
16. echunks - Kansas City Chiefs

Team change requests:

Member Status

Rhody_Red_Pats - PAID + $5
WestCoastSkinsFan - PAID
echunks - PAID + $5
thesobons - PAID + $10
flea - PAID + $5
SuPaDuPa916 - PAID + $5
Takeobeavis - PAID + $5
Cool Hand Flash - PAID + $5
alhill37 - PAID + $5
19th Century Indiana Jones - PAID
SchickFaced - PAID + $5
pavi39 - PAID
bajmurray - PAID
19th Century Indiana Jones (2nd slot) - PAID
WestCoastSkinsFan (2nd slot) - PAID
Takeobeavis (2nd slot) - PAID


AFC East
Buffalo Bills -
Miami Dolphins - 19th Century Indiana Jones (2nd slot)
New England Patriots - Rhody_Red_Pats

New York Jets -

AFC North
Cincinnati Bengals - 19th Century Indiana Jones

Baltimore Ravens -
Cleveland Browns - takeobeavis
Pittsburgh Steelers - alhill37

AFC South
Indianapolis Colts - Cool Hand Flash

Tennessee Titans -
Houston Texans -
Jacksonville Jaguars - WestCoastSkinsFan (2nd slot)

AFC West
San Diego Chargers -
Denver Broncos - SchickFaced
Kansas City Chiefs -
Oakland Raiders -

NFC East
Dallas Cowboys -
Philadelphia Eagles - Takeobeavis (2nd slot)
New York Giants - pavi39
Washington Redskins - WestCoastSkinsFan

NFC North
Chicago Bears - flea

Detroit Lions -
Minnesota Vikings - echunks
Green Bay Packers - thesobons

NFC South
Tampa Bay Buccaneers -
Atlanta Falcons -
New Orleans Saints -
Carolina Panthers -

NFC West
St. Louis Rams -
San Francisco 49ers - SuPaDuPa916
Seattle Seahawks - bajmurray

Arizona Cardinals -

16 Members. You pick your team. The 16 remaining teams will be picked by a draft held each month.

Fee is $25 a month. That buys around $350 of hobby boxes each month for us to bust and pays for shipping & supplies.

You get all base, inserts, gu, autos, ect of your teams that is pulled from the boxes.

Multi-team card rules:

1) If a Mulitple player card involves a owned team and a drafted team (s), the owned team gets the card.
2) Multiple player cards go to the member who gets least amount of Autos & Gued from his owned team. Member must own the team that is part of the multiple player card. Only owned teams will be part of the evaluation.
3) Multiple player cards Tie Breaker - Includes owned team serial numbered cards are counted along with the autos & game used cards, from their owned team.

If you fail to pay by the DUE DATE, YOU will not participate in the break. Your team will be sold and your membership forfeited.

If you're interested in changing your owned team, you must do this before the draft. If you change owned teams, you will automatically be put at the bottom of the draft order for the current month.

TRANSACTIONS: Within ONE week prior to our break or soon after the break occurs, our breaker will create transactions for every member involved. Please make sure you confirm/agree on YOUR transaction thread.

FUTURE MEMBERS: Please understand that there is a waiting list. If you would like to add your name to this list, then please contact WestCoastSkinsFan . When a spot is relinquished, the 1st person off of the list is notified. Anyone who can pay the monthly fee can join. We have ZERO restrictions.
Okay folks, if you'd like to join us this month (and it WILL be a good month to join, I can assure you), the following teams are available:

Buffalo Bills
Miami Dolphins
New York Jets
Baltimore Ravens
Tennessee Titans
Houston Texans
Jacksonville Jaguars
San Diego Chargers
Kansas City Chiefs
Oakland Raiders
Dallas Cowboys
Philadelphia Eagles
New York Giants
Detroit Lions
Atlanta Falcons
New Orleans Saints
Carolina Panthers
St. Louis Rams
Seattle Seahawks
Arizona Cardinals

Some fantastic teams available, including the Dolphins and Seahawks. How often can you join an established group break and get teams with 1st round rookie QBs? Or the Giants, with good veteran hits, and a 1st round rookie RB?
For existing members, please check in and if you have multiple teams, please indicate which ones you'd like to keep! Extra teams do stick with you unless we get new members.

Now, let's talk box selection for this month...

In past years, we've taken advantage of various Thanksgiving day sales like BlowoutCards' Black Friday. Since the sales aren't revealed and it's tough to tell what we can even get, we wouldn't be able to vote on things. I'm happy to stay up late and do my best to maximize our money, if you'll allow me. Extras are gladly welcomed so that we have a greater budget, but are not necessary.

To sweeten the pot, I'm going to do a little "fundraising" if we go for this option. As you may have seen before, I hang onto all of the unwanted base cards through the breaks, and occasionally, I'll sell them on eBay, with the proceeds (minus fees) all going towards extra boxes. Last time we did this, we had over $200 in extra boxes.

So, which way do we go? Normal break, or Black Friday sales break?
19th Century Indiana Jones
I'll drop Chiefs and pick up Dolphins.
i'm gonna have to drop out guys good luck with your future breaks and it was fun
In with both, and I vote for black friday deals..
more products more better black friday deals
In with the Vikings. I vote for Black Friday deals. Work your magic Sam!!
In 7 Black friday
I'm back
If there is still one spot open I'd take the Giants.
pavi39 - You've got it! We actually have quite a few open spots, so if you know anyone else who might like to join, let them know.
Quick note, I'm giving up my 2nd team to Indy. He'll take the Dolphins, and I'll take the Jaguars instead.

I'm in with more month.

Black Friday deals would be great for December break.
I'm trying real hard to get my buddy Highlander a Russell Wilson auto, so I'll take the Seahawks for the Black Friday deal! (if they are available)
QUOTE(bajmurray @ Oct 27 2012, 01:28 AM)
I'm trying real hard to get my buddy Highlander a Russell Wilson auto, so I'll take the Seahawks for the Black Friday deal! (if they are available)

I wouldnt mind letting you have them Mr Murray, asuming I can have a shot at a second team at a later time (Sam?) smile.gif

Or have them back in Dec if you dont wanna keep them for more than the one month..
If Mr. Murray is taking the Seachickens, I have no issues giving up my extra slot.
QUOTE(WestCoastSkinsFan @ Oct 27 2012, 02:45 PM)
If Mr. Murray is taking the Seachickens, I have no issues giving up my extra slot.

I'll take them for November, and then play it by ear, if that's OK?
QUOTE(bajmurray @ Oct 27 2012, 10:08 PM)
I'll take them for November, and then play it by ear, if that's OK?

Fine by me, glad to have you back Mr Murray smile.gif
Just posted the auctions! I'm not sure if the link works yet, but you should be able to see everything here:

If you could, please Tweet/Facebook and otherwise spread this around! Remember, all monies after fees go right to our group break this month.
I am in for nov
Okay, it looks like all of the auctions are listed! Check out the link here.

Again, any tweets, Facebook posts and the like would be very helpful. The higher these go, the more we break.
In with the Pats
One day down, and the total is... 2 cents laugh.gif

Things will pick up over the next few days, I would hope! Remember, keep promoting this to collectors! Locals, people you know online, etc. The more we get, the more we have to work with for our budget this month.
tempted to bid on the bears lot myself lol
I'll gladly figure out a way to get that to you at a discount, flea. Since I'm going to be sending things your way anyway, there must be a way to do it.
HUGE gains today! With 5 days to go, we're up to...

12 cents! laugh.gif
We have our first donation for the month! SuPa put an extra $5 in for boxes this month. It's not required by any means, but any extra amount helps to make this a big event.
QUOTE(WestCoastSkinsFan @ Oct 30 2012, 03:55 AM)
HUGE gains today! With 5 days to go, we're up to...

12 cents!  laugh.gif

up to $5.53
QUOTE(flea @ Oct 30 2012, 09:44 PM)
up to $5.53


I've always gotten to over $100 on these, but I don't think I've ever seen it quite this low either. We'll see how it pans out.
I am in for my my main team. Let me know if I need to pick up a second.
Still slow going with 3 days left at $9.13.
2 days left, with a pretty decent bump. Now at $30.37.
We're at $52.09 with under a day. It's looking a little slim, but we'll see what the day holds.
$109.26 is the grand total. Admittedly, a little disappointing, but hey, extra money for boxes is extra money. That total could increase a little as I relisted 4 lots that didn't sell, but remember, fees will be taken out too.

We'll see what the total ends up at shortly.
Payment sent & extra :-)
Given the nature of the break (and the fact that I've been crazy busy. Anyone need life insurance?), I'm pushing back the due date to the 16th. But that will be firm, since we'll need funds in to do the Black Friday shopping!

Keep those payments coming in the meantime.
Paid with some extra!
Payment sent
Did you see that Dave & Adams is doing a PRE-black Friday deals today

2011 Topps & UD College Greats right now.
I was just about to post about the DACardWorld sale.

I'd recommend that folks take a look and see if they like any of the products for the pricing. Thus far for football, I see these:

-2011 Topps Jumbo, $54.95
-2011 Upper Deck Legends, $52.95
-2011 Exquisite, $469.95

While the Exquisite would limit us pretty severely (That WOULD be the whole break), the other two are very fairly priced. If anyone has any requests, please let me know. I'm kind of considering the Topps Jumbo for the break. That's a pretty solid price around $20 under market value.
Honestly, none of those three floats my boat
With extra payments, we're up to $35 extra to play with.

Also, I did the math on the eBay lots and we'll call it an extra $85.

So, on top of our normal fees, we're at $120 in boxes. It's not as much as last time, but extra is still good.
Payment sent.

I also think that we should stick to the original mission of this break and open current products (if possible)
I will send money for the second spot tomorrow.
Due date coming up! Still need payments from:

19th Century Indiana Jones (both slots)
Takeobeavis (2nd slot)
Sam, check your Paypal - I sent the payment on Friday. Let me know if you still don't see it.

QUOTE(WestCoastSkinsFan @ Nov 13 2012, 11:49 PM)
Due date coming up! Still need payments from:

19th Century Indiana Jones (both slots)
Takeobeavis (2nd slot)

Rhody - Whoops! I stand corrected. Sorry about that!

I also received from Schickfaced. Thanks guys!
And we're up to $130 in extra box money, btw.
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